Sleepy House

I watch the PowerPuff Girls. I love them and I love the layouts and color schemes of Craig McCracken.

A night time landscape of the PPG home has been haunting me, with it’s red trees against a black night sky, I was driven to create something akin to it. The PPG home is uber modern 50s style architecture.

The red trees against the black, the red trees at night. Red trees?

sleepyhouseI decided to try a stitched night time scene of my own.

I made a little white house (not mod) that looks pretty sleepy.

Pink smoke is coming from the chimney.There are tiny gold stars in the dark sky.

I’m about halfway through this project.

I’ll sew a black backside to it with some batting sandwiched between the pieces.

Someday there will be a story to tell about the sleepy little house in the red tree forest.


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