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Illustrator Bacon

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Around the DarcyArts studio it’s up early, work, work, work, then a brunch break about 10:30 a.m.

We’ve been grooving on hash browns, eggs and turkey sausage or turkey bacon.

I decided a while back that I will only eat things I could kill if forced by starvation to do so.

Gruesome, I know, but fair. I know I couldn’t kill a cow unless the situation was really, really desperate, nor could I kill a pig or even a goat, though soft-tortilla tacos and other grilled-meat Mexican delights are capable of tempting me.

For some reason fowl and fish are in a different category for me.


Turkey is not bacon but check out this bacon-stylie shite. It looks like it was drawn by an illustrator. Dreamy clouds of fake bacon about to semi-sizzle in the pan.

I believe that choosing to limit my diet to certain meats from the plethora that are available here in America is sorta elitist.

I wouldn’t eat meat at all but soy and beans as a protein replacement totally terrorize my intestinal track.


I have a dozen things vying for my attention today. I thought I would try to create a simple stapled-together, cheap paper catalog of things from my Etsy shop to give away at the Frugalista Flea Market this weekend.

I want to go out and find a few items we need. Scrounge through the thrift or dollar stores for them. I usually work until I really need a break.

I’m nearly finished with the squidlettes.


The catnip squid may go in a basket. I’ll keep the lavender squid in another place so the herbal aromas don’t meld.

I haven’t cut the tentacles on these pink squids.

I love to make tags for things and still have to whip up a batch for these guys.

Still I’m working on the design. Branding is the big notion among those that dig deep into the psychology of sales. Creating a recognizable, look with coherence.


For tags, I’ve settled on the Darcyarts and a heart. I carved my own stamps from Pentel’s Hi-polymer white erasers.

My starlight brooches are already pretty nutty looking and this photo of them on the cards shows me that it’s all very busy and probably distracting. Does distracting = repulsion? Maybe they shouldn’t all be visible at once.

Fewer are a bit easier on the eyes.

broochesacropThey are made of  old Christmas lights, beans, stones, tiny burnt out bulbs, beads, bits of copper from inside machines, stars and a hot glue gun to rig these together.

I sold one in my etsy shop but they didn’t do to well.

I think I’ll make more of these Shrinky Dink, colored mod-flower brooches.


My work is rarely consistent. But then dear Oscar Wilde said: Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Back to work and out into the world.

Busy is Good

Posted in Art, socialization with tags , , on April 28, 2009 by darcyarts

Slow as molasses and still crankin’. That’s how it feels when in the midst of a big project. The overriding goal is to make each stitch, in each chimp, a beautiful thing.

I’m cutting and crafting like a motie, but . . .

Over at the cbt’scloset the girl is busy!

Check out cbts blog. She’s assembled 688 necklaces for the Bamboozle music gathering/festival May 1 and 2. Man, that’s full time work.

Part of a good team, her partner is moving it to, orale! Here at nbscloset.

Look what I just nabbed>

Tremendous and right up my semi-apocalyptically inclined alley. Now that I’ve treated myself to a treasure from San Antonio I must turn my attention to readying squid for the Frugalista Flea Market.

I still have a few cabinets and closets to rummage for saleable, soon-to-be discarded gems.

My son is visiting so he may be able to contribute his cast off video-game related items. He’s got all kinds of gamer mags and cords and things. It’s nice to have an interpreter of tech gear in the house.

Chimps for Days

Posted in plush critters, projects with tags , , on April 25, 2009 by darcyarts

After a befouled email lag I received word that the Mail Chimp crew would like more chimps.

More as in 10. That’s a lot of chimps! I’m stoked to have the opportunity and a good bit frightened by, but game for, this challenge.

My goal is to make them fairly uniform and to get a good 3D face. That’s the hard part but I worked on it today and tried one method that turned out okay. Tomorrow I try method two.

chimpgoThere’s real life Mail Chimp employees with the first stuffed chimp. They are standing with the actual company mascot, logo, icon chimp.

I need to get the girth of that lower mouth jaw area, a rounder head, a bigger belly.

I’m on it till victory!

I am trying new and improved furry material that matches mail chimp’s fur more closely. It’s a mess to work with as it sheds it’s hairy fiber at the borders of every cut. It will be great once it’s sewn.

I will buy the darker blue felt for the bags and hats this time.

This will be very time consuming and will require my best effort to stay with it.

Please say a prayer for me  ya’ll.

I will love all the chimps and their coming into being will flow like a fresh river from my hands.

Positive affirmations can’t hurt.

Kraken Monster Artist

Posted in Art, etsy with tags , on April 24, 2009 by darcyarts

Wow! I checked out the site of one of my blog commenters and her work is amazing.

Eve Lynch, of Myers, Florida, is the woman behind Kraken Mosaics.

This incredible piece is in her Etsy shop:

She also has a web site you may visit.

She’s done all types of mosaic work and it’s all really smashing.

You can read the Kraken blog here. There is a wealth of practical and philosophical information that any creative person might like to mull over.


Hey, Locals! Check out this opportunity.

Save the first weekend in May for the Frugalista Flea Market in Redding, hosted by

This mother of indoor community garage sales will happen May 2 and 3 in the Cypress Elementary School Gym. The Frugalista Flea Market will last from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 2 – and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, May 3. Some people will sell. Some people will buy.

Sellers can reserve spaces before April 27 by going online to and paying $20 per space. Hurry, because the first 24 reservations can borrow the school’s on-site banquet tables.

Admission is free to the public to attend.

Sponsored by Doni Greenberg and Kelly Brewer of, a portion of the Frugalista Flea Market funds will benefit Cypress Elementary School’s Playground Equipment fund.

Seller spaces are filling up fast. To reserve a seller’s spot or learn more, visit and look for the pink-and-green Frugalista Flea Market ad.


I’m organizing my stuff right now. You must check it out. If anyone who reads this makes the flea market come say hello to me. I’ll be the one with the lavender squid.

Bekaboo, I Did It, Too

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I remember posting not long ago about cute non-edible cupcakes. I was expounding on my preference for real cupcakes and wondered about the usefulness of knit cupcakes or those made of socks and sweaters, as was the case that particular instance.

Bekaboo at secondhand bek had wonderful pictures from her cupcake making experience.

I gave into the cute urge and made a few from fleece scraps in my work space.

img_7469I used my fairy glitter and some liquistitch.

They look tasty but we must save our drool.

I used little red beads for the cherries.

I’m still wondering I should attach some cupcake skirts. What do they call those paper things that line the baking tin? Geez, the brain is dashed.

img_74711They are very tiny these little fake cupcakes.

Wouldn’t it be cute to have a little sering tray filled with them?

Maybe I’ll get to making more soon.

I’ve finished the latest dragon for the dear and rad cool etsy couple, Michelle and Don.

I discovered they now have a supply shop on Etsy, DIYorDie. They have some really cool necklace frame backs for cabochon or cameo use.

Here’s one of my faves:

Stars are my Faves.

The picture with the Alice in Wonderland silhouette is a handmade resin cabochon from Michelle’s shop,

CBTsCloset. Doesn’t that look great?

The skulls are great, too. I must buy some if I can figure out where to get a good piece of glass. I’m on the hunt.

We Smell Great

Posted in Art, esoterica, nature with tags , , , on April 21, 2009 by darcyarts

Ah, the sample bottles from Dusty Rose arrived yesterday. We opened the box and unwrapped the tiny bottles. I laid them into an old eyeglass case.


There are so many!

I love the fact that it will take days to really get to know them all.

Monday I wore the Tunisian Amber. I also tried the Sunset which is very pleasant. Today, I applied  Django and a bit of the Cistus which I’ve just learned comes from a very nice little flower. It’s very earthy, sexy.

Frank loved the Merlin I chose especially for him. It’s fresh, enticing, a little sweet.

It’s just the beginning of a plethora of olfactory input. Deeelightful. I would like to share with you all that Dusty Rose scents last a very long time. The aroma gets richer after they have been on the skin for a short while.

I highly recommend them.


img_7462This stalk is the remainder of one of our young spinach plants. It flowered and went into a propelled growth spurt.

Uncertain of what to do I checked the web oracle for info and found that this is referred to as a bolt. The plant stops producing leaves, they say.

Frank and I had the fresh young spinach in a small salad tonight.

I’ve been going to bed so early and tonight I’m awake at 10:30. I think I drank too much of my mate/energy drink blend.

Warning: Mature Content. This is my latest composed photo. I made this phallus from polymer clay a while back and lately stuck my silly monkeys near it. I thought I would make a good photo. Postcards? Prints?

penisaI want to put it on Etsy. Or sell wholesale orders to shops on Castro Street.

Call me, guys.

Lots of Scents

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For those of you who were around in the 70s do you remember Houbigant’s animal, organic, earthy perfumes – musk, civet and ambergris? If you’d ever had the pleasure you would remember.

The early seventies were all about getting back to the country. Loving the earth and its bounty. There was, like now, a return to simplicity and hand crafts.

My boyfriend at the time loved the scent that “smelled like an old barn.”

I think that was the civet.

Many women, or men who loved those scents have longed for their return. Houbigant only makes the musk these days.

I read somewhere that someone sold a container of the ambergris on Ebay for $200.

Civet comes from an animal and ambergris from whales. Peta people might tweek o the idea. I’m pretty sure all the oils that perfumers use these days to recreate those scents are animal-free substitutes.

Small amounts of pure ambergris wash up on beaches.

While searching on the web for a trace of ambergris and civet I came across a message board where I found others doing the same thing.

That’s where I found out about Dusty Rose Perfumery. It’s a cool looking shop in Eugene, Oregon.

Dusty Rose sells a version of ambergris and civet. I was there, baby.

Browsing through the list of scents was fun. Proprietor, Donna Murray, and her crew are creating new combinations of scents all the time. Reading the names is half the fun – Django, Merlin, Magical Mystery Tour, Orris, Gypsy, Full Moon, Artemis, Rogue.

The really great thing is that Dusty Rose offers sample tubes of their scents for $1 each.

I’ve always preferred oils to spray on scents. Even though I have found scents I love in sprays, they are just not good for me.

I had a love affair with A vanilla based MAC scent a few years back. I ran out and never bought more. I thought about it but just never plopped down my 28 bucks for a new bottle.

I’m not a mall person but while on an assignment a few months back I strolled through Macy’s and sprayed a little of the Vanilla MAC on myself. Shortly there after I began sneezing and continued to do so for the rest  of the day.

I  now await the arrival of 25 of Dusty Rose’s tiny scent samples. I’ll try them all and when I find my favorites I’ll order a larger bottle of the scent. This is the way to go.

Getting Ready

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The last few days were spent mulling over and preparing items for the flea market. It’s the perfect solution to lessen possessions. A ceremonial kick off to the winnowing.

Just a few miles on there will be a fork in the road that will lead to a new way of living. My carry-all should be feather-light.

One of the most irksome details of mass dumping is the small mountain of e-waste to be recycled. TVs and old, old computer monitors and bodies (old RS cast offs) are stuffed into at least five closets. There is a humongous drawer of cords, cables, chargers and other detritus of video game machines and electronic appliances. They were centrally located in case they might be needed but the fact is all the heavy users have left the building.

I could dream up some sort of wire-based art project. That’s the justification for hoarding a good portion of the remaining weird crap – ART. It’s cool, right?

Recycling, upcycling, repurposing.

There are plastic containers that will never be stuffed with leftovers, a large stash of tins to be transformed into decorative treasures.


Recycling an old book or two to cover the surface would be cool. The outside should be flat for easy handling, opening and closing. They’ll be lacquered with mod podge. Maybe some glitter here and there.

A little knob of some sort could be affixed to the top with nut and bolt.

About a hundred or so tiny plastic lids from recycled plastic bottles to be used for mixing small quantities of paint. Only the white one are perfect for that function. The colored lids could be used in other projects, someday, somehow, maybe as frames for little interior scenes of some sort.

img_7423All attempts to toss potentially useful things into the recycle bin meet with a flash reexamination. The possibilities are endless.

Time to get back to the sorting and preparation.

There’s packing to do for mail orders, mini-squid sewing and cabinets to empty.


Figurines in the Yard

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krustystaresaboveKrusty, my friend look toward the heavens. You will see that ignorance is lifting off the planet, rising and floating away like a dirty blanket.

Today is tax day and some foul unnamed yokels have done a little hypnotism on the chickens.

They will stand at City Hall today in Redding squaking with with tea bags that will not be used for their intended purpose.

Dumb Ass is as Dumb Ass does. I think Forrest Gump said that.

Krusty expects that this sort of ignorant ballyhoo will soon be over.

You must judge a man, a woman by the fruits of their efforts. Did your actions bring wisdom, plenty, joy? Did you enable the growth of something worthy?

krustydoubledaffodilsI had Krusty out for a photo session the other day. I like his colors against the grass.

He looks so eager. For what, I’m not sure.

krustywredflowersI love Sideshow Bob. I’d like a figure of SSB.

Think I’ll go looking for one.

Love, the Band

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arthurleeaGot Arthur Lee painted. He’s looking at you, man.

This time it was all about the eyes.

Arthur was an artist, a composer, a musician and everybody should know about him regardless of time or place.

He had some trouble negotiating the injustices and contradictions of the place in which he found himself.

In a beautiful house, in the beautiful hills near Hollywood.

His band was called Love. Buy Forever Changes.


Maybe The People Would Be The Times or Between Clark & Hilldale

What is happening and how have you been

Gotta go but I’ll see you again

And oh, the music is so loud

And then I fade into the…

Crowds of people standing everywhere

‘cross the street I’m at this laugh affair

And here they always play my songs

And me, I wonder if it’s…

Wrong or right they come here just the same

Telling everyone about their games

And if you think it obsolete

Then you go back across the street

Yeah, street, hey hey

When I leave now don’t you weep for me

I’ll be back, just save a seat for me

But if you just can’t make the room

Look up and see me on the…

Moon’s a common scene around my town

Yeah where everyone is painted brown

And if we do get stuck away

Let’s go paint everybody gray Yeah, gray, yeah


You have to hear the music. This was one of Lee’s last tours.