Sweet Joey

Today I finish the last element of my Angus Young portrait and then I get to capture Joey Ramone!

He’s, by far, my favorite Ramone. Yes, I’ll bet you’ve already guessed. He’s a Taurus. Born May 19, 1951. Bless his sweet rock n roll soul. Hey, up there, Joey. Shine your light on me as I struggle to bring the best of you out on the board I’m about to fill.

I saw the Ramones on a late night TV show. I think it was after Joey first found out he was sick and they quit playing but then they came back out for a little while. They played the Doors’ Break On Through. It kicked A**! I loved it and Joey rocked it righteously.

Speaking of CUTE:

face2My latest thrift store find. See more adorable fluffly gray kitty at DarcyArts.

It was a stunning discovery.

Cute-ophiles can’t resist.


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