SF Art and Biscuits

My daughter Jessica is making some really cool things these days.


She’s in a period of high creativity.

She called Tuesday to have me check out my myspace where she had left pictures of her new work.

It is beautiful and intricate and comes from rock like our whole lives have, sort of.

alltogethernowThese are about seven inches tall, said  Jess.

She found the crosses in the dollar store she lives above in San Francisco.

Here we have Jimmy Page, Miss Mercy of the GTOs and Capt. Beefheart. I love the rainbow strips. So cool.

Radiant light, radiant color, this is what I imagine our spirit energy to be, radiant light.

beefheartcrossYou can actually see Beefheart in this photograph.

Safe as Milk and twice as pretty.

dylanchiefHow about Bob Dylan wrapped in a cloak of pale blue?

jimmypagecrossJimmy Page was an early inspiration for Miss Jess. He was enchanting as a young lad and didn’t he make some spellbinding music.

mercythingMiss Mercy of the GTOs, a beautiful full body cross.

picture018gailGail Zappa, wife of Frank, young house mother to the GTOs at times.

Gail is the cutest original free thinking woman of those times, though Miss  Pamela was sweet.

Jessica and I both read Miss Pamela Des Barres tales of being close to the music makers of a golden time.

Imagine being in the studio with gram Parsons as he plays the piano and sings you one of the saddest songs. Your heart would swell and you would never ever forget that soul pouring out. A moment shared and she shared it with us.

Jessica made contact not long ago at a book reading in S.F.

jessandmisspamelaSo cute and so smart these girls are the real thing.

Jess has more crosses coming into being right now.

She’ll do a Pamela, no doubt, and probably a Gram Parsons.

Biscuits tomorrow.


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