Brit Biscuits

Found some lovely biscuits at Grocery Outlet.

biscuitboxI’m a sucker for great packaging but these are going two for a dollar.

Now that I’ve tasted them I might have to go back for more. Deelicious.

Simple ingredients: wheat, gluten, milk.

Suitable for vegetarians. Made in England.

toffeerabbitGreat sculpture on the biscuits, too.

This bunny wants to win the race.

I suppose these are made for kids like totally uptown animal crackers.

See the little bits of toffee? Pretty sweet.

toffeetortoiseTortoise looks pretty chill. Not worried one bit. Slow and steady wins the race.

Again, wonderful carving that reminds me of Mayan things.

It’s a wonderful world. Bless my eyes for the wonders I have seen.

His little toes look like the symbol for Aries, in which time, astrologically, we find ourselves.

Happy birthday Aries bros and sisters.

Bring on the red:

img_7289First strawberries of the season at our house. Found them at Raley’s.


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