Sunglasses Bedevil

I’m nearly finished putting together my Joey Ramone.

joeyfullMy original plan and sketch crawls for Joey to be wearing orangey-brown shades.

I have to experiment with a see-through, probably water color wash over the where the lens would be.

But, I have to get it right the first time.

I’ll try it on paper, over the colors I’ve got there and white.

Ah, yes.


I think I’ve got it. The color on the top should work. The brush I’m using spread it onto water color paper very smoothly. Maybe I’ll try it on a test board with a gesso surface.

The gesso repelled it a bit. Yikes. Will it be different over the acrylic paints?

Stay tuned.


One Response to “Sunglasses Bedevil”

  1. miss mercy Says:

    Hi, love that cross you did on me.I am doing a book,someone is doing it and it includes art and and we would love to talk to you.Please call me at home. 213 683-0797

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