Ah. It’s done and it worked just fine.

joey4printYippee! It’s a good day at DarcyArts studio.

It’s almost always a good day here.

As you can see, I’m having fun with faces.

Joey always hid behind his thick curly hair. Shy.

Last night Frank and I watched Dream of Life, Steven Sebring’s film of Patti Smith.

For a film that was underway for 10 years I thought it was a little sparse. Maybe the filmmaker was just going for poetic. It was pretty cool. I loved seeing Fred Sonic Smith and Patti’s kids who were born the sames years as my kids. They are all grown up now.

I shed a tear to see a picture of Fred with his new son and felt melancholy to see Patti walking in Central Park with her grown daughter. She shares not only the same year of birth as my daughter, but the same name. I want to walk in Golden Gate Park with my Jesse.

Patti’s son, Jackson, looks like his dad.

I hate the work of his namesake, Jackson Pollack. Big Yuck, so what. I’m not falling for it.

I guess a high point in the film, for me, maybe because it was playful, was the last scene in which Patti talked with Flea ( bass player, Red Hot Chili Peppers) about pissing in bottles while traveling. They were just like two kids. Ain’t that the way to go?

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