Battle for a Lazy Day

You might think “battle” is too strong a word but it is a struggle for me to just put my feet up and chill out. Not because of outer forces. It’s strictly an internal struggle, a clash of desires.


I may feel like lazing about, reading another book about the Rolling Stones or more rarely, watching TV. Then I feel the pull of all the things I could be doing.

I could finish the appeal letter that must be sent to the employment development people. The one I started only after an EDD rep said  “Don’t be intimidated! This isn’t Russia or China or . . .” I can’t remember the other countries he mentioned but he did light a fire under my ass.

He was right it’s just a process and it’s my right to pursue it through all the snakey avenues.

I could be sewing the puppy I promised my daughter for her 22 birthday. I have to recut the material. It didn’t turn out well on the first try though I came up with a cute nose.

I could work on photos for Etsy or do new photo sessions with tiny figures.

I could stop admiring my new Joey Ramone portrait, put it away and start the Arthur Leepainting.

I did laundry. I did a photo session with little figures.

robotwheartredflowerswtextI took a Amazon-sold book to the post office and then cooked brunch.

Does this sound like chilling?

Late Saturday afternoon, I read. I actually sat in a chair, put my feet up and read.

Whoo hoo.

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