Love, the Band

arthurleeaGot Arthur Lee painted. He’s looking at you, man.

This time it was all about the eyes.

Arthur was an artist, a composer, a musician and everybody should know about him regardless of time or place.

He had some trouble negotiating the injustices and contradictions of the place in which he found himself.

In a beautiful house, in the beautiful hills near Hollywood.

His band was called Love. Buy Forever Changes.


Maybe The People Would Be The Times or Between Clark & Hilldale

What is happening and how have you been

Gotta go but I’ll see you again

And oh, the music is so loud

And then I fade into the…

Crowds of people standing everywhere

‘cross the street I’m at this laugh affair

And here they always play my songs

And me, I wonder if it’s…

Wrong or right they come here just the same

Telling everyone about their games

And if you think it obsolete

Then you go back across the street

Yeah, street, hey hey

When I leave now don’t you weep for me

I’ll be back, just save a seat for me

But if you just can’t make the room

Look up and see me on the…

Moon’s a common scene around my town

Yeah where everyone is painted brown

And if we do get stuck away

Let’s go paint everybody gray Yeah, gray, yeah


You have to hear the music. This was one of Lee’s last tours.


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