Getting Ready

The last few days were spent mulling over and preparing items for the flea market. It’s the perfect solution to lessen possessions. A ceremonial kick off to the winnowing.

Just a few miles on there will be a fork in the road that will lead to a new way of living. My carry-all should be feather-light.

One of the most irksome details of mass dumping is the small mountain of e-waste to be recycled. TVs and old, old computer monitors and bodies (old RS cast offs) are stuffed into at least five closets. There is a humongous drawer of cords, cables, chargers and other detritus of video game machines and electronic appliances. They were centrally located in case they might be needed but the fact is all the heavy users have left the building.

I could dream up some sort of wire-based art project. That’s the justification for hoarding a good portion of the remaining weird crap – ART. It’s cool, right?

Recycling, upcycling, repurposing.

There are plastic containers that will never be stuffed with leftovers, a large stash of tins to be transformed into decorative treasures.


Recycling an old book or two to cover the surface would be cool. The outside should be flat for easy handling, opening and closing. They’ll be lacquered with mod podge. Maybe some glitter here and there.

A little knob of some sort could be affixed to the top with nut and bolt.

About a hundred or so tiny plastic lids from recycled plastic bottles to be used for mixing small quantities of paint. Only the white one are perfect for that function. The colored lids could be used in other projects, someday, somehow, maybe as frames for little interior scenes of some sort.

img_7423All attempts to toss potentially useful things into the recycle bin meet with a flash reexamination. The possibilities are endless.

Time to get back to the sorting and preparation.

There’s packing to do for mail orders, mini-squid sewing and cabinets to empty.


One Response to “Getting Ready”

  1. I understand exactly what you are doing. I keep soooo many things to reuse artistically, far more than I ever actually use. I recently gave in and just took about 10 bags of “stuff” to the Goodwill, so someone else can make good use of them.

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