Chimps for Days

After a befouled email lag I received word that the Mail Chimp crew would like more chimps.

More as in 10. That’s a lot of chimps! I’m stoked to have the opportunity and a good bit frightened by, but game for, this challenge.

My goal is to make them fairly uniform and to get a good 3D face. That’s the hard part but I worked on it today and tried one method that turned out okay. Tomorrow I try method two.

chimpgoThere’s real life Mail Chimp employees with the first stuffed chimp. They are standing with the actual company mascot, logo, icon chimp.

I need to get the girth of that lower mouth jaw area, a rounder head, a bigger belly.

I’m on it till victory!

I am trying new and improved furry material that matches mail chimp’s fur more closely. It’s a mess to work with as it sheds it’s hairy fiber at the borders of every cut. It will be great once it’s sewn.

I will buy the darker blue felt for the bags and hats this time.

This will be very time consuming and will require my best effort to stay with it.

Please say a prayer for me  ya’ll.

I will love all the chimps and their coming into being will flow like a fresh river from my hands.

Positive affirmations can’t hurt.


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