Busy is Good

Slow as molasses and still crankin’. That’s how it feels when in the midst of a big project. The overriding goal is to make each stitch, in each chimp, a beautiful thing.

I’m cutting and crafting like a motie, but . . .

Over at the cbt’scloset the girl is busy!

Check out cbts blog. She’s assembled 688 necklaces for the Bamboozle music gathering/festival May 1 and 2. Man, that’s full time work.

Part of a good team, her partner is moving it to, orale! Here at nbscloset.

Look what I just nabbed>

Tremendous and right up my semi-apocalyptically inclined alley. Now that I’ve treated myself to a treasure from San Antonio I must turn my attention to readying squid for the Frugalista Flea Market.

I still have a few cabinets and closets to rummage for saleable, soon-to-be discarded gems.

My son is visiting so he may be able to contribute his cast off video-game related items. He’s got all kinds of gamer mags and cords and things. It’s nice to have an interpreter of tech gear in the house.


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