Illustrator Bacon

Around the DarcyArts studio it’s up early, work, work, work, then a brunch break about 10:30 a.m.

We’ve been grooving on hash browns, eggs and turkey sausage or turkey bacon.

I decided a while back that I will only eat things I could kill if forced by starvation to do so.

Gruesome, I know, but fair. I know I couldn’t kill a cow unless the situation was really, really desperate, nor could I kill a pig or even a goat, though soft-tortilla tacos and other grilled-meat Mexican delights are capable of tempting me.

For some reason fowl and fish are in a different category for me.


Turkey is not bacon but check out this bacon-stylie shite. It looks like it was drawn by an illustrator. Dreamy clouds of fake bacon about to semi-sizzle in the pan.

I believe that choosing to limit my diet to certain meats from the plethora that are available here in America is sorta elitist.

I wouldn’t eat meat at all but soy and beans as a protein replacement totally terrorize my intestinal track.


I have a dozen things vying for my attention today. I thought I would try to create a simple stapled-together, cheap paper catalog of things from my Etsy shop to give away at the Frugalista Flea Market this weekend.

I want to go out and find a few items we need. Scrounge through the thrift or dollar stores for them. I usually work until I really need a break.

I’m nearly finished with the squidlettes.


The catnip squid may go in a basket. I’ll keep the lavender squid in another place so the herbal aromas don’t meld.

I haven’t cut the tentacles on these pink squids.

I love to make tags for things and still have to whip up a batch for these guys.

Still I’m working on the design. Branding is the big notion among those that dig deep into the psychology of sales. Creating a recognizable, look with coherence.


For tags, I’ve settled on the Darcyarts and a heart. I carved my own stamps from Pentel’s Hi-polymer white erasers.

My starlight brooches are already pretty nutty looking and this photo of them on the cards shows me that it’s all very busy and probably distracting. Does distracting = repulsion? Maybe they shouldn’t all be visible at once.

Fewer are a bit easier on the eyes.

broochesacropThey are made of  old Christmas lights, beans, stones, tiny burnt out bulbs, beads, bits of copper from inside machines, stars and a hot glue gun to rig these together.

I sold one in my etsy shop but they didn’t do to well.

I think I’ll make more of these Shrinky Dink, colored mod-flower brooches.


My work is rarely consistent. But then dear Oscar Wilde said: Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Back to work and out into the world.


2 Responses to “Illustrator Bacon”

  1. That bacon post made me laugh! They do look awfully cloudlike in that photo. I think the flower pin may be the most marketable of these, but I really like the christmas bulb pins. I think it’s a great idea for reusing them in a pretty way. I don’t think it’s too many brooches at once, but I do think the busy tags are competing with the jewelry. Maybe you could have a solid black (or white) tag on the front to let the jewelry shapes and colors stand out and then do the tag with the info on the back? Those little squids are very cute even before tentacles. You are just endlessly creative!

  2. Beka,
    You are a shining light! Thanks so much for your words and recommendation.
    I put the pins on new cards today (Friday) that are made from Starbucks cup guards.
    After the Chimps are done I am going to make a sweet brown phallus, pose it with monkeys and take a new picture just for you.
    Also plan to work up a Mike Ness when time permits.
    I may do these projects in the midst of the chimps. I know I will need to take serious mental breaks from the primate project to preserve my mental health.

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