I See Live People

lavendersquidThis weekend’s Frugalista Flea Market was lots of fun. I was a pleasure to see a gaggle of the great people I’ve come to know in Redding.

I’m naturally pretty much of a hermit, someone who is a conflicted combination of introvert and extrovert. That internal struggle often leads me to behave a little strangely in the presence of people I admire.

It’s kind of like when someone who does not drink takes a nip and gets giddy.

The stimulation was nice. I actually hugged four grown human beings. Haven’t done that in ages, ‘cept for my honey, Frank.

frankYes, we made good bucks on our old junk and some DarcyArts items got exposure but the peep love was the very best thing!

Good people are a blessing.

There were interesting things at the sale. Our handcrafted things got a lot of great comments. I was really stoked that my post cards, which I love creating, were noticed by the hipsters. Thank you, all.

“Porky Sez” was a hit.

One of the needlecrafting Etsians at the table across from us bought my Muhammed Ali postcard. That made me happy.

muhammedaliThis image is from my Bitty Pix of Muhammed Ali. The actual size is about 2 inches x 1.5 inches.

We sold a heavy leather motorcycle jacket that we called the Elvis Jacket.

It looked sorta like the one below but it had more fringe and conch buckles.

It must have weighed a good ten pounds. It was lined and decorated with thick leather braiding, lots of fringe and metal conch buckles. I knew it would take a person of a certain stature and taste to wear and appreciate it’s magnificence.

Sunday, the right person came along and gravitated to the big black leather load. I sold the Elvis Jacket to the tall thin woman for $10. I want to send things away with people who really dig them. An old-style pair of Converse sneakers went to a cool teenage  girl who really wanted them. She waited so nervously for her dad to return with his change for a hundred dollar bill to pay the $3 we asked.

We tried hard not to bring home things but we failed. Frank got two great books. I bought a pair of mosaic starfish and china boot.

starfishtableI’m thinking I might paint the starfish ridges a different color or maybe glue small beads there and add something in the middle.

They were cheaply made in China but look really cool.

I could hang them but I kinda like them on the table.

starfish2The special icing on my Love cake this week was a visit from my son, Brian. He was taking a break from studying law, demanding enough but he also cares for his friends uber cute baby son in his spare time. He helps out the family that way and he is a natural caregiver for the tiny.


Brian is a big boy, 6′ 3″ and built like a football player, but he is so very gentle, smart and conscientious.

He made a video disc for me of he and baby Hayden. Mommy love gratification!


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