Trader Who?

I told myself that I would avoid Trader Joe’s until the second week of it’s Redding existence. I went today.


It was mad rainy and the parking lot was jammed, still I rolled in and gave it a look.

There were sections of the store I couldn’t get near but I saw a lot, from a distance. I’ll be back.

There was good stuff  galore and I bought things. The overall feeling, that first impression was a little weird. It didn’t feel super casual or totally groovy. I didn’t find the pistachios. I’ll need to check it out after it’s clunky newness wears off.

busyaisleThe ceiling lights look crappy in this pic. Very super-markety.

I will discover reasons to go there, special items I can’t find anywhere else. I did not do that today.

I had to hit the starch aisle first. Baked goods. Bought cinnamon twisty rolls and English muffins.

The Mexican food looked great. They have bags of Guayaki Mate for less money that Orchard Nutrition but Orchard has bulk mate.

produceThe produce area looked great. I’m waiting on our tomatoes and red peppers and we have usable lettuce and spinach now. I think they’re all drowning tonight. So much rain.

I bought eggplant hummus over beneath that chef on the north wall.

I bought cheese, swiss. Yum.

I admired the design of one wine box but know I will never spend much time in the wine department, which is friggin’ big. They dedicate about one fifth of their floor space to the grapes.

zenwineboxHaving a wino aunt, god rest her soul, and young years with a gut full of Spinada is all I needed to keep me free of the romantic attachment many of us have with vino.

In my neighborhood one was much more likely to encounter Thunderbird than any type of Napa artisan wine.

I may have managed an affection for a semi-sweet, nutty, smoky amber colored wine during a wine-tasting class for restaurant work in ol’ Santa Barbara but now the idea of wine just turns my stomach.

It’s a shocking confession, I know. The kind of thing that could make one an outcast, but dude, those days are so over.

I’m sure the store will look much more inviting when the sunshines in those nice windows high up on produce section walls.


2 Responses to “Trader Who?”

  1. Budd Hodges Says:

    Darsey…we too visited the much famous Trader Joe’s on their second day of opening in Redding and found it too crowded to really scope out the place. It’s a small store when compared to Winco and Costco but maybe they offer more than those stores.

    I’m like you, the Two Buck Chuck Wine dosen’t ring my bell.

    But, I’m sure they will have their following with their speciallites.

    Finally the people of the north state have the beloved TJ. Enjoy!

  2. Jessie Pratt Says:

    Wow, that looks pretty good though. They do have an amazingly cheap wine and beer selection. I can understand how life-long nega-tronic associations with wine could be developed. Excited for new grocery discoveries.

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