Outing Project 1

No, this post has nothing to do with the theme of Wednesday’s Fresh Air (Terry Gross NPR).

It’s the beginning of a new blog topic series.

Since I’ll be concentrating very heavily on making chimps here at the DarcyArts studio I decided I would create an imagined psychic space outside.

When I go out on errands I will record images from the trip and see what kind of sense or nonsense it makes when strung together with photos.

I don’t know if it will be chronological or fanciful.

If today’s outing was fanciful it would begin here:

moosedroolaMidway through my errands I found this truck parked at the loading dock of Winco.

I thought this moose was very playful and amazing to see on the side of a delivery truck on such a grey day.

He was a real treat after the dismal environs of WalMart.

walmartI normally detest having to negotiate the parking there.  People seem so impatient and they drive too fast for such a cramped space.

Now that they’ve reduced the space even further and created very small, snaking thruways it really scary.

constructionAll for the glory of WalMartism. Soon they will stock everything you need. You’ll never have to go anywhere else.

Ewww. I only go when I have to visit the supa cheap pharmacy.

I did find a few things inside the store that were interesting.

lilfarmerThis little guy is a farmer. He has a tractor and a few animal friends, an apple and corn and a checkered bandana. Cute.

There were some real canned peas that looked interesting. They came out kinda blurry.

sweetpeasTaking these photos of interesting, mundane things at stores made me think that it might be fun to do a sort of bent Q man.

Think of a strange question and go up to strangers, interesting strangers, and tell them it’s the question of the day for my blog.

Would that be weird?

I would only ask really intriguing looking people. I wonder how they would react.

I always liked doing it for the RS. People were usually very nice and considerate even if they sometimes hated getting their picture taken.

Here are some bright clothes.

brightclothesWal Mart is ready for summer.

I stopped by the All Saints thrift store, adjacent to the original Yaks on Bechelli Lane.

They had a beautiful ceramic jar. I don’t want to buy things I won’t use but it was very fetching.

angeljaraThis girl is like a prairie angel and she is flying over a little settlement.

Somebody painted her. Maybe she’s a real girl who is floating above a village in a dream or some kind of ecstatic happiness like the people in Chagall’s paintings.

Maybe she lives on a polygamist compound and she escapes by using her imagination.

angeljarbGeez, I really like this jar. I might have to go back and buy it tomorrow.

I go to the thrift stores to find vintage things to share on Etsy but sometimes it backfires and I keep the things.

I still have the kitty. He’s up in the DarcyArts shop.

kittyyardgoodI wouldn’t mind keeping him.

He’s sassy.

I was thinking about putting rhinestones in the pupils of his eyes.

Anyway, that was Wednesday’s outing. I found some cool stuff to share here.

I’m working on the chimps early Thursday but I have a trip to the post office on the schedule.

Check back for my next adventure and see what or whom I’ve discovered.

It might be you.



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