Words Before Chimps

Started the morning early with the usual — Morning Thunder and some starch to cushion the stomach against the tannic acid.

The starch of the day was SemiFreddis cinnamon twists from Trader Joes.

morningthunderand-rollsThe bag of the cinnamon goodies in only half full. Yum.

We are well stoked with Morning Thunder thanks to a recent super sale at Raley’s on Hartnell.

Morning Thunder combines black tea and mate. I first tried it and it’s mate, in Santa Barbara in the late 70’s. I’m glad they still make it. Mate is so much easier on my system than coffee. I can drink a few cups and still sleep at night.

chimpmouthsI have made progress on the chimp manufacturing. I will have to cut a few more pieces today. It’s a mess using that fuzzy material. I will take photos to share the fallout with you, dear reader.

I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to polyesters. I’ll handle it though.

What frightens me is imagining the particles that cause the irritation to eyes and lungs. I can imagine spores and pollens. What does a polyester have that breaks away? Are there microscopic particles that will eventually penetrate my organism? Oh, mama, that’s just Plushy Paranoia.

May will be mostly home bound, filled with chimp wrangling, craft stuffing and Trader Joe’s truck (note: “truck” in the sense of booty. I learned that work from Mark Twain).

The Canon Power Shot will be taken on every trip out. Documenting the everyday in an unusual way will be my focus when I’m outside. I need to create an additional psychic space. You’ll see.

“I have invented my life by assuming that whatever I did not like would have an opposite which I would like.”   Coco Channel


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