Nilsson Schmilsson and Smith

I had an idea this morning while sewing chimp eyebrows, well, ridges really, and listening to Harry Nilsson.

It’s actually a reoccurrence of an idea that sprang up in the times when teenage Jessica and I shared her discovery of music from my youth.

Jessica was loving Elliott Smith and then started to listen to a Harry Nilsson compilation I bought.

*(Something close to a related topic, a review of an unreleased (boo) Nilsson docubio at the sight where I nabbed this photo.)

Nilsson, to those who possess a great curiosity or a long memory is probably most well know, in the tabloid sense, for a period of bad behavior while hanging out with John Lennon in Lennon’s Yoko-separation era.

They flounced about the town (Los Angeles) and indulged in antics that seem hysterical to all drunken folk but strike the sober as boorish and immature.

But, Nilsson was a prolific writer of charming songs. My favorites are “Think About Your Troubles,” which amazingly I heard on the radio last week, and “Jump Into the Fire.”

My idea is to listen to Nilsson and Smith for a good while to sort of marinate  my brain with their energies and then paint a dual portrait of them, The painting will include images symbolic of what they have conjured in my mental landscape.

It’s still for me to discover if there is more to my impulse to link the two. Both deceased, they left treasures for the living to embrace.

This image of Elliott Smith is from The Punk Guy blog.


One Response to “Nilsson Schmilsson and Smith”

  1. thanks for the link.
    nice site, good luck.


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