Bug’s No Lady

BugsNoLadyWhile watering the plants early this morning this guy came into view.

Very interesting design. The black shoulder or neck blades rock.

BugsNoLadyCropDo these guys have eyes? I’m pretty sure those two slash marks are fakeout eyes.

The antennae are segmented like much of the rest of him.

I need another incarnation as an entomologist.

Some bug needs to eat the creepy bugs in the lettuce bin.

Took a new gnome out to the yard for photos. This guy has a pipe an looks pretty baked.

PipeGnomeDirtBrickADreamy eyes and a little “o” mouth make him charming. He was a bit tough to shoot in the morning light.

PipeGnomewTurtleA1I brought along a tiny turtle that I think Tom G. left behind at the R.S.

They make a nice pair.

Time to chimp it up.


I added a little girth to the belly. I tried to do it by using the softer, stretchier material of the belly cover. It’s much easier.


Organization is everything in the midst of work. I found a little knick knack cabinet for a dollar.

LittleShelfCan you tell I straightened the work bench? The small box allowed me to reclaim quite a bit of room on the table top.

BignLittleShelfThese little compartments are great for storing the stamps I make, the cool little stamp pads I picked up at Jo-ann’s, my random bitty pix, tiny containers of rhinestones, biz cards, tags and the tea bag envelopes I save and use for wrapping small items.

The box also created a shelf for my cans of permanent marker and colored pencils.

StampPadJewelsFollowBlissGlassBamaStarfishIt’s a good thing.


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