Malcolm X and Plant Life

Stamps can make interesting altered art.

My favorite stamps in the last decade have been the American Film making stamps, Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart, Judy Garland, James Cagney, Black Cinema, Civil Rights Pioneers, Edgar Allen Poe and Malcolm X.

University studies for me were all about the history and criticism of cinema — American, European and the cinemas of what we confusingly refer to as Latin America. I also soaked up American Studies and the world’s best teacher, Steve Wurtzler, now a professor of English at George Washington University, brought cultural, political and sociological aspects into the study of film.

Some of the stamps of individuals make for great portraits that fit neatly beneath glass cabochons to make unique neck charms.

MalcolmFullI listed this Malcolm X neck charm at DarcyArts yesterday.

The thick glass is tricky to photograph. It reflects light and has distortions, depending on the angle but I consider it part of the charm of glass. Each drop has it’s own character.

The neck charms have an old fashioned image-trapped-in-time feel. Like something in a museum of cultural anthropology.

I thought it was a great thing that Malcolm was honored. His journey is very compelling.

“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it or says it.”  Malcolm X

PoeAPoe’s stamp is a recent release. It really looks Victorian.

I love this neck charm.

I have three Judy Garland stamps left. I think I’ll save them.

I sent one of these Poe necklaces to Miss Jessica for her birthday.

Miss Jess, did you get your birthday box? It was chock full of stuff.

Wednesday was a post office day. When the other errands, or lack of them take me to the post office downtown I’ll hit the Attic.

Attic It’s just a couple of blocks away on Oregon Street.

The Attic is one of the two or three most reasonably priced thrift stores in town.

The last time I stopped by the Salvation Army downtown they seemed to have cut the clutter but they boosted prices to a level that made me think:

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself!”

PalmTreeAThe Attic, being a great old house converted into a shop, has some interesting landscaping.

This palm has been growing a very long time. It’s well groomed and stately.

Stock1If I ever knew the name of this plant I’ve forgotten it. My grandparents had these in a shady spot in their yard in Santa Ana. As a child, I was fascinated by their strange form. They seemed prehistoric for some reason in my weird little mind. They are beautiful.

StockCLc1They are made of  subtle shades of purple, green and delicate yellow and white.

Each spring a very special flower grows tall and proud. Their magenta hollyhocks are one of my favorite flowers.

I noticed deep in the center of the flower is a dark magenta around a yellow star. Beautiful.



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  1. Jessie Pratt Says:

    I wanna go to the Attic!

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