Purple For Dinner

Frank and I had this amazing cauliflower for dinner last night.

PurpleCauliflowerWe steamed it and slathered on the butter and it was delicious.

They have these rainbow cauliflower at Orchard nutrition. The have orange, purple and your standard cream colored.

Don’t you pity me for having to cook on an electric stove?

I think I’ve got it down now. Everything must be cooked in liquid to compensate for the lack of temperature control.

I have been putting in long and frustrating hours wrangling chimps. At the end of the primate sessions I long to sit by the river, jump into a pool or be soothed by a body of water in some way.

Maybe I’ll rent some surf movies from Netflix. I want the ocean to cleanse me. Ahhh.

from http://www.dailystoke.com

If you want surf  do not ever waste your time watching John from Cincinnati. We checked it out last month and it just reeked.

I did not know that there was a genre of fiction known as Surf Noir and I’m glad I didn’t.

It is the project that made David Milch dump Deadwood. I am convinced, based on that decision that Milch is a self-hating freak who can’t handle success.

Harsh? Yes. Deadwood was crazy and radical and raw. It was doing something really wonderful with language and then Milch just defecated on the whole creation.

Dave, dude, what were you cranked up on?

I recommend watching the Eddie Veder/Laird Hamilton Iconoclast. The program, aired on Sundance, pairs two unique people and we watch them hang out. Nobody does it better or with more zen cool than Vedder and Hamilton.


3 Responses to “Purple For Dinner”

  1. It was the network’s decision to cancel Deadwood, not Milch’s.

  2. I find that really difficult to believe. What is the source of that info?

  3. Here is an article from the SF Chronicle. I guess they were both to blame. I’m just hodling a grudge because I loved that crazy mess so much, those c!*ksuckers!

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