Hot Tomatoes

They’re here just in time for some serious heat. Temperatures  may reach triple digits over the weekend. Tomatoes, are you ready?

TomatoAI will be safely ensconced in my kitchen work space.

The air conditioner will be on and I will be cool.

I may be bothered by floating fuzz but I’ll be cool.

Another chimp will be constructed today. I’ve been working steadily. I’ve got all the parts cut except the ears but my plan is to finish chimps two at a time and then send them off to Atlanta, GA.

I hear James Brown in my head when I think the words Atlanta, Georgia. Night Train? Get on the night train. Get on up.

WrappedChimpHere is a chimp under wraps. The kitchen is a dangerous place for chimps.

SpinachBudsI fear I have seriously underestimated the amout of time it will take to bring 10 chimps into being. I’m doing a lot of hand stitching on the face elements so that they come out just right.

I’d guestimated three weeks but it will probably be double that.

I intend to work my fingers to the nubs and stay focused.

What is a nub? A stub. Okay that, too.

The garden is coming along and makes a nice distraction after hours and hours of wrestling chimps.

This is a bolted spinach bud. I will still eat them. I wanted to see what they would do. Broccoli is beautiful if it is allowed to blossom.

I’m just too curious to see the whole cycle at least once.

SpinachBuds2These buds look fuzzy>>

The internet source I first read and learned about “bolting” said nn new leaves would grow after the plant bolted. There are new leaves growing at the bottoms of our plants.

Can’t we eat whatever grows on the plant?

Spinach is very good with eggs. This morning for brunch I made a spinach, mushroom and Swiss cheese omelet. It was yummy.



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