TV While Fuzzy

At the end of a really long day of plushie wrangling, after tending to last minute details at the DarcyArts shop, Amazon sales, e-mail, convos and the preparation of an evening repast, it’s time for TV. By 6 p.m. my eyes are toast and my mind has tossed it’s thinking cap.

There are TV shows I have to see.

I’m way into Big LoveLA Ink and 30 Rock. All three have finished their runs for this season.

Breaking Bad is the only show I can watch twice. I view the same show a second time with riveted concentration. The new episodes air on Sunday. I can hardly wait.

I’m fond of documentaries, musicals. Frank is getting way into Turner Classic Movies. Together we regularly devour, Rachel Maddow, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report. If it wasn’t for DVR I’d rarely see any of these shows. We fit them in when we have shared time to view.

Still, I’m hungry for new thrills.

There is a new tattoo show starts May 27,on A&E.

Tattoo Highway follows artist Thomas Pendelton as he travels the country in a mobile tattoo parlor of his own design,” sez a blurb on the A&E site.

I caught the ad for it yesterday. Pendleton tours the U.S. in an RV giving tats for gas (his license plate). I don’t know why they made Pendelton look so bad-ass macho. His tats are sort of scary, with lots on the neck, but the camera shot of him, up from the worm’s eye view, is sorta overkill.

I noticed the show will be preceeded by half a dozen Dog, the Bounty Hunter episodes. Think they are going for an all male audience?

Looking elsewhere, Dave Bianculli’s  bloggy mag TV Worth Watching reminded me that I am determined to see at least some of the fifth season of Denis Leary’s relentlessly foul Rescue Me.

I became a Leary fan in the early 90’s. He was a fresh face on the fresh cable channel Comedy Central. I was watching comedy to correct an over-serious series of commitments — matrimonial and academic.

Leary was the most rock n roll of the comics. His shaggy rockish hair and his bad boy attitude caught my eye.  His humor hadn’t yet been shown as fully infantile, all cigarettes and misogyny. It was before the public en masse discovered him. Ot maybe I just didn’t notice while I was grooving on his lanky, Gaelic charm.


But I digress. I watched the first two seasons of Rescue Me and then succumbed to it’s heaping helping of negative masculine idiocy. It left a bad taste in my mind so I quit it. I know, I know. Leary is trying to show the negative outcome of masculine idiocy but I just have such a low tolerance for it as entertainment. It’s why I can’t watch Madmen even with the sweet Christina Hendricks as enticement.


I  must return to Rescue Me to delight in Michael J. Fox’s performance of the wheelchair-bound, substance abusing, paraplegic live-in lover of Tommy’s (Leary) ex-wife. Yeah, that’s a downer but one laced liberally with deeper layers of meaning for the viewer.

I saw a short clip when Fox was on Oprah and was stunned. Yes! Fox has a fire in his belly.

*TV Worth Watching

Check out Diane Holloway’s piece for TV Worth Watching on Fox’s rad turn as Dwight. It’s a ways down the page at the previous link.

*indicates photo source


2 Responses to “TV While Fuzzy”

  1. I have to agree with you on making me look like a tuff guy… Hollywood makes its living on stereo types that it supposedly is trying to tear down… The reality is I have a family and four of them are in diapers, the tuffest thing I do is deal with the smell…. Take a look at my site I respond to my tuff guy look in my way…
    Thanks for listening, Thomas Pendelton

  2. Thanks for the comment TP. anybody who takes to the road and adds color to the lives of others has to be my kind of traveler. Can’t wait for the show!

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