Letting It Go

CilantroBlossomsThis is what cilantro looks like when you let it go.

I know that with herbs one should trim the buds and keep them low and bushy but I wanted to see the blossoms.

Very nice.

I did trim them this morning.

They are sitting in a dark blue cup on the kitchen table.

SprungSpinachThis is the spinach sprung completely. I used one of these tiny bolted stalks in eggs the other day.

Pulling the big spinach bucket down allowed room for the lilies and cactus on the raised bench.

That way we can see them from the kitchen window.


The lilies are so bright and perfect. Yes, truly bitchen like a naughty GTO.

Which GTO would you choose? Miss Pamela is gorgeous.

See more of her at www.pameladesbarres.com


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