Season Finale

Sunday will be the season finale of  AMC’s Breaking Bad . I have loved watching this show. The second season was full of ghastly happenings that were completely captivating. The brilliant writers and actors all deserve the fattest accolades.

WaltJesseCropBryan Cranston, Aaron Paul,  Anna Gunn (great name), yes, every actor on the show has been great.

What am I going to do when the season is over? Nothing else on TV is this good.

Any suggestions?

I urge you to treat yourself to this creation. Check out Breaking Bad at Netflix.

On the trip south last weekend I spent a great evening with my son, Brian. It was a Sunday and I was very fixated on finding a TV to watch Breaking Bad. No problem. The Max G. Arnold homestead is rich with the technology of visual/cerebral pleasure.

My son is learning law, day and night at the Arnold household. He also enjoys the perks.

Rex Arnold’s room is like a theater. No, it is a theater, equipped with a projector, a really big screen and black curtains to make the day like night. It is a cinema lover’s dream.

All the boys — Brian, Rex and Barrack — are history buffs. It was really fun to drop my hungry eye into that cinematic womb.

After we watched Breaking Bad we watched Luther. Joseph Fiennes plays Martin Luther, the father of the protestant church. The story depicts a fight for deliverance from old school Catholic domination in the 16th century in favor of a more DIY religious experience. Vanquish the hypocritical intermediary, sayeth Martin Luther.

Wonder if the sheer size of the images on that big screen can make any movie more spellbinding.

I loved hanging out with Brian even though my time there was short. I was sort of a stealth guest. Max and Margie had company and I didn’t want to intrude. Brian slept on a couch and gave me his comfortable bed.

I whimped out quickly on that trip and wanted to get back home to Frank. True Love does that.


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