Night Visitor and Sexy Music

I left the hose running all night. It filled the strip of a garden trench that runs alongside the sidewalk. A visitor came by to check it out.

RacoonPawPrintsAren’t these cute? They look like the hand prints of a tiny child but are not.

BlurryGnomeIt almost looks as if the gnome, relaxing near did a handstand.

Maybe not.

Frank, who took me out first thing this morning to see these prints, said they are the impressions of racoon feet.

It looks as if the racoon stood on the sidewalk, stuck his front paws into the cool soup and had a drink.

Snail2This little guy was near the scene of the prints this morning sloooooly frolicking among the fallen Amaryllis fronds.


I was up in the middle of the night downloading podcasts. I had the pleasure of listening to John Doe and the Sadies on Terry Gross’ Fresh Air this morning.

Doe has a new recording, Country Club, with the Canadian band.

Terry loves him as much as I do. I dare say she was fawning and deeply appreciative. Good taste Terry.

I have now put down the iPod to hear Radio Lab on NPR. They are focused on semen and animal and insect sex.

Some ducks have 14 inch penises. Did I need to know that?

However frightening this is to contemplate, it leads me to my next subject.

The first thing I did when I plugged in my new iPod was to upload all my Queens of the Stone Age material.

I have confided my deep love of people born under the astrological sign Taurus. One of my favorites is Josh Homme of QOTSA. His nick name is Baby Duck. I won’t go any further with the duck/dick connection but I will say that Homme makes some of the sexiest music ever.

Ladies and men who love men, start with Lullabies To Paralyze to see what I mean. It drips with desire and heat.

This is the album in which we get to feel the blossoming of his sexual fascination, attraction and love for Brodie Dale. They had a beautiful sweet baby duck baby and married.

That’s all I know. I hope they have the best of lives and I hope they make music 4 ever.

I think I’ll upload Lucinda Williams today. More sexy music.


One Response to “Night Visitor and Sexy Music”

  1. OK. So, I just saw the Sadies last Thursday at the Fillmore. AMAZING. Also, will have to add Radio Lab to the que.

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