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Up for Quiet

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Sometimes the urge to get and greet the dawn is irresistible. It’s more so in hot weather. It’s dark, cool and quiet.

Things seem to occupy that inbetween realm when the light is low. I like that place. Dusk is good, too.

6.28.09Early 006I enjoy the gentle light in my workspace at 5:30 a.m.

I can wake up slowly. I’ll probably need a nap later. Maybe I’ll even take a lazy day though I am so loathe to lose time.

6.28.09Early 001This impatience with the dwindling days (age) allotted to me was ratcheted ever tighter after watching the Farrah Fawcett cancer docu that was replayed this weekend. It  followed the super heaping helping of celebrity deaths.

Sky Saxon, Farrah Fawcett, Ed MacMahon and Michael Jackson were not personal acquaintances but I, like many others, measure out my time, in part, accompanied by their splash upon  life’s big screen. Celebrities can be external markers of our place on the time scale.

They were young when we were young. We move along in time and see them go through changes, fall, fail or prosper and succeed. Their foibles and bumps in the road call attention to our own.

When their journey stops we feel the inevitability of our own cessation.

Frank and I  lost a trio of dear ones in 2004. I think that was the year. I can’t keep a firm grip on dates.

It was harsh. The death of my Volkswagon van was sandwiched inbetween two incidents that took young, healthy friends over to the other side. Bless them and them, us.



Back in my groove I’m trying to beat the clock. It’s hard to stop myself. I love working.

I wasn’t really alone this morning as enjoyed the quiet.


The winner of our make-me-a-chimp-model contest kept me company.

This particular chimp looks really relaxed in a hat. When his eyebrows are revealed he looks a little , umm, concerned, a little bothered?

HipChimpBrowAThis Chimp project is very fulfilling. I am single-handedly creating a Chimp Army and the chimp train is really flowing. Dan Kurzius co-founder of Mail Chimp rocks and is the great conducter of that train.

The Chimp Army is not to be confused with the Kiss Army.

I  have recently gazed upon Ron English’s Kiss Pix maybe I’ll think about adding that to my ouvre for my own amusement.

While waiting for a grandchild to fill this little rocking chair, the hip chimp can sit a spell.


Lazy Days. That’s what I have now, in this new lifestyle, instead of that corporate thing know as “personal time”. All my time is personal time, motie. Lazy Days, though rare and difficult to really chill for, are my choice. I say when and how.

Goodbye Sky

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Aw fuck.  So many deaths.

Sky Saxon of the seeds, dearly weird and beloved musician, I know you are dancing in light, bra.

Farrah Fawcett, you’re still brave and you’ve done your time as a woman.

Michael Jackson, see, it’s not so bad. Doesn’t all that weird body stuff make more sense from over there?

Ed McMahan good service, good reward.

I’m toast and will never spend another bad moment. Life is too short.

Lettuce Alone

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LettuceBlossomsThe bitter red lettuce is blossoming. It’s tight, scaly green and purple red pre-blossom buds look like something you might find in the desert.

I love the scrubby little yellow flowers. They may be chartreuse.

LettuceCLIt’s a strange looking plant but nevertheless, effective.

I’ll collect the seeds and plant lettuce in the fall.

Sounds logical.

The tomatoes are ripening. We’ve had five so far.

They are the cheeriest red.

Here are three on the kitchen window ledge.


I bought what I thought was cilantro at Grocery Outlet. It’s parsley. Boo. I have room for more cilantro. Must have some.

I really should have snipped back the buds on the one cilantro plant that came back from last year.

It’s so hard to nip it in the bud.

MushroomWe had some mushroom spring up in the container with a heavy fertilized soil. Must have been cow manure.

Pretty, pretty. The heads are so soft.


Glitter vs Dork Glasses

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Glitter glue is a great medium for jazzing up glasses. I mean the ones with lenses that you have to wear to see.

It’s unavoidable. Style burnout happens. I see the same old pair of specks  in the mirror everyday and finally I must take action. I wanted to paint the frames white but a tenuous try out yielded sloppy results. I wiped the section of the frames  I’d painted clean and put my desire for change on hold.

These were expensive frames. They’d looked so sophisticated under the dazzling bright lights in the optical shop. I’d even liked the yellow beige color. I cannot wear yellow. What was I thinking?

These glasses previously hosted pinkish iridescent rhinestones. We’ve left  that look behind.  Rhinestones always have the taint of 50s, 60s quaint.

The new look is glam, bam. thank you mam.


That’s what I get from reading the Eno biography. Early Roxy Music on the brain waves.

GlitterGlassesStripGosh, my skin looks so pink in this shot.

I think I really have to get another light bulb in the lamp I use for photos.

I have been craving the clunky black dork glasses that used to be allotted to Medi-Cal recipients. Do you think Buddy Holly wore those glasses because he thought they were really cool?

Like everything else they slipped into fashion a while back. So dorky they were cool, you know.

These are uptown remakes.

The basic black frame rendered designer style.

Linda Farrow Vintage for Luella.

175 pounds, British, is cost for these babies!!

I’ve tried similar glasses on in an office or two and it is a rather intense look.

Rachel Maddow pulls it off. I think.

This isn’t the best picture of Rachel. It is her standard Black cowboyish shirt, jeans dork glasses look. I often wish she could do her show and still be allowed to dress like she normally does AND NOT WEAR MAKEUP.


I guess the talking heads stylie playbook is written in stone. Must have makeup or you’ll look sick. Must not wear glasses, they glare in the lights. Must slick messy hair back.


I’ve had black frames but smaller, sort of like Margaret Carson.


Gold VS Black. I just need a different pair for each day of the week. Dang, Gemini Rising.


Frosted Beads

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I had a dream the other evening about earrings made with dangling frosted beads.

A trip to the Beadman netted glass beads the colors and shapes I’d pulled out of the ether.

BeadsSupaCLThese pink and red earring dangles are the first pair. I hope to make others when I get the time.

The vision was simple and I was satisfied with it’s simplicity.

I really like the fasteners I bought for them. They are very easy to put on and take off. You just pull the little gate clasp away and snap it back in place when you are done.

ClaspI hope others like this idea as much as I do.

I’ll check back at the Beadman for fresh colors.

At least I know where they keep them now.

The beads in the dream were frosted.


I really like that look but the clear glass is good, too.

Here are some other color combos I am going to finish in-between chimp limb attachments this week.


Chimp 6, 7, 8

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I was very good this week. Got three chimp bodies and heads united.

chimps678 003I really enjoy doing the details on the face. It’s relaxing and always fun to see how each stitch changes that particular face ever so slightly.

My goal was to have these three finished by Monday but a fabulous interruption may occur today. Daughter Jessica is traveling north from San Francisco. YEA!

JessnDavidThis is a dreamy photo of her on the streets of SF. I believe this shot has captured her at the gate to her house in the Excelsior neighborhood.

She was reading the new David Crosby biography. She finds all kinds of goodies in the shops.

We may go thrift shopping today!

She’s especially good at hooking up with cool furniture.

Check out the living area of her abode.

One of Jessica’s  finds was especially haunting. A painting, done in 1971, of a woman that looks amazingly like an old friend of mine.

SFBobbyPaintingABobby was someone I came to know, by strange circumstance,  in my 16th year.    She was a shining light, despite her attraction to substances, an adventurer, a Sagittarius, a philosopher and seeker.

Even though others have told Jessica the painting looks like someone they know. This is Bobby in every way.

Jessica gifted me with this smashing supa 70s creation.

Remember those stretchy zig zag design shirts? In the painting, you can see a bit of it’s collar in pink and maroon. The earring is perfect, too.

It appears to be a drawing that the artist affixed to a piece of wood (it’s nice and light). He then painted the piece and covered it with a lacquer or Mod Podge-type substance. I think he might have burned the edges first with one of the wood/ gourd roasting devices.

Memories. Kisses dear ones, where ever you are.

I made a lovely pink girly squid yesterday for  groovy Etsy shopper,  pinktoyballoon, in Albany, New York.

I should have taken a picture of her. She was a bit different than the squidopus shown here. I used brighter pink thread visible on the outer stitching and gave her heart eyes like my mini catnip squid.

Now, off to do a little work on the chimps until Jess arrives.

Vintage Earrings

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Sometimes you find a cache of really primo vintage and when you do you just have to share.

All of these wonderful 50s creations are available at  DarcyArts.

These white beaded earrings are dazzling.

I wonder if these were considered really dressy and fit for the night life or if a lady might have worn them to church.

Guess it depends on the church.

I bet ladies would have worn white gloves with them.

The canary yellow earrings have that great fat rhinestone that shines in rainbow colors. I love the little flower-shaped details made of the tiny yellow beads and the gold-tone metal.

Each pair of earrings have been well cared for probably spent  a lot of down time in a nice jewelry box, away from sunlight and dust. They are in great shape. I have to admire their construction, too. Very securely wound and affixed to the metal frame.

If they weren’t all so pretty I’d take a pair apart to see exactly how the maker put them together.

Maybe I’ll find another pair out there somewhere  that have seen better days and then I’ll deconstruct them, or “unpack” them, as an Art History professor used to say.

The cherry-colored earrings are made of some type of thick soft pliable plastic. They are my favorites right now.

I love the cut out leaves.


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The spiders are really popping fresh in the container garden this year. they have their territory staked out.


The landlady has a bug man come and spray the poor dears that set up shop near the house. Maybe they got hip and just opted for the garden instead after the last spraying.

In this photo, if you put on your magnifying glasses, you can see a trio of beige spiders hanging out.

SpiderBusyThe spider against the sky is busy wrapping something or someone spider-style.

It’s getting a little difficult to water without disturbing one of the spider people.

I tread gently. I imagine they are feasting of bugs that would be feasting onthe vegetation, a natural and beneficial hierarchy.

BigSpiderSkyAI caught another big spider against the early morning sky. This guy didn’t dig the intrusion of my camera. He fled when I got too close.

SpiderBestVertWhen the sunlight made it over the tall bank of oleanders the squirrels checked the lawn for peanut remnants.

Frank tosses the unsalted peanuts on the grass beneath the huge pine tree. Blue jays and squirrels bark at each other while trying to get their fill.

SpiderBestAExtreme hot weather will be on us soon. The summer can’t wait while I dream of ocean breezes.

Mid-June Bargains

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We, in far northern California, are getting a break this June. Fair weather, very mild in comparison to previous years. In the first two weeks of the month we had heavy rain in the very best way. One week it was sunny and mild during the day and then the thunder storms rolled in at night and dropped sheets of rain.

The plants in my container garden loved it. Each time it happened I uttered a little prayer that there would be no hail.

TomatoCLaEverybody and every plant loved the rain. The tomatoes got fat and red.

IMG_7975The tarragon flowered.

I don’t use much tarragon in my cooking so I just let these blossoms come.

This plant came back from last year’s garden as did the cilantro.

This year when the weather gets really cold I’ll just cut them back and cover them with plastic.

The garden is growing and life is good.

On those sunny days I went out to do errands and came back with a few finds.

The best one, in a number of ways, was the three cassette recording of Emancipation by the artist, then, formerly known as Prince. It was in a wire bin at the $1 store. Dude (read with a sort of sad, quiet effect), that sucks.

PrinceTapeAI’m not the world’s biggest Prince fan and I didn’t read up on Emancipation in it’s day. Yes, I heard all the hubbub about Prince’s disagreements with his record company and whispers about his marriage, wife, baby.

He was never my favorite musician, or even close, but he is a good musician.

I’ll stick this in the old cassette player and check it out while I sew chimp bellies today. Man, is it hard to get those bellies on straight. Maybe Prince music will help.

Another great bargain that you can find anytime are the chocolate cat-style animal crackers at Trader Joe’s. They are well under $3 for a big container.

CatCookieContThese have been nearly depleted. Granny loves them.

I noticed that they labeled them with the phrase for people so that shoppers didn’t avoid them thinking they were cat treats.

I have done the same thing with my squids at DarcyArts.

I have catnip squids and plushy squids for people.

This is a giant pink catnip squid.

This is a big black squid for people, meaning it has no catnip and is meant to be a toy or perhaps, part of one’s home decor.

The little red squid is for people, too. He could be your friend. You could put him in your shiny new beige VW Bug. He’d look good.

Tasty Treats: Eno and Liza with a Z

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The wait was on. Checking the mailbox was tinged with impatience and a little angst by Friday. Saturday jackpot!

The Brian Eno biography arrived! On Some Faraway Beach: The Life and Times of Brian Eno by David Sheppard, frequent contributor to Mojo, is here.

EnoBookMojo sez: An extraordinary tale of how rock’s most infamous non-musician became pop’s most articulate spokesman and in-demand producer. . . .  David Sheppard’s near magisterial biography, written with Eno’s co-operation though largely unsanitized, meticulously unpicks the thinking that motivates a genuine modern music original . . . .

As Sheppard makes clear in this superblyresearched and written book, eno earned his right to popular music sainthood three decades ago.


My fave blurb: An honorable authorized attempt to do justice to a mind bogglingly restless and prolific subject . . . . With his uninhibitied fondness for sex and intriguing cultural hypotheses, Eno comes across in On Some Faraway Beach as an archetypal man of the 70s.


Speaking of the 70s, Frank and I watched Liza with a Z last night. The primo entertainment jewel, from 1972, was just the thing for a Saturday night. That girl could really strut her stuff. I love her best braless  in the shining red mini-dress (Halston) and red platform heels.

Ahh, Bob Fosse, Ahh, tall mustachioed gay dancers.Ahh, funk and the aesthetic of  blaxploitation.

Liza’s audience looked so old and old school New York but her stage presence and her cultural politics were all very edgy and adorable.

Liza, beautiful Pisces, is now 63.  She killed at the Tony’s. Good show Liza May. She still wears outrageously oversized false eyelashes better than anyone!