Hats and Peg Board Project

ChimpOnewBagHatMaking the caps for the chimps has got me really excited about making caps for people. It’s an early creative urge. I started making myself  weird hats a few years ago and had lots of fun.

They used to make strange waist coats in the 80s or early 90s. the material was heavy and stiff. I bought a couple of jackets at thrift stores just because I loved the patterns. Finally, when I was struck by the millinery urge, I had the perfect material for hats.


MooseTopThe moose and the canoe are so cute.


I made these early hats from a Pakistani hat/cap model.

It’s simple. I was totally winging it.

The second hat has this lovely zig zag and star pattern.

Now that my millinery urge has returned full force I need somewhere to hang my hats.

That brings me to the pegboard project. It’s quick, easy and very inexpensive.

PegBoardLength2 These pix are not the best but here goes.

I bought a 2″ x 1″ 8 foot board and a 1/4 inch round stick at Home Depot. I’m sure the sticks have names a proper name. I think they are dowels.

The total cost = $2.15.

What follows are the rough, vaguely measured, let-it-rip version of peg board building. When engaged in these crude maneuvers I try very hard not to injure myself or any one else in the vicinity.

I cut the dowel into peg sections with a large wire cutter. I eyeballed the length, approximately 3 inches. I left the edges rough.

I passed on buying three big files at the thrift store last week. They probably were too big to use on such little edges. Sand paper is probably the right tool for the job.

I laid out the board, one end propped on top of the dryer, the other end taped to the handle of the exercycle.

With my trusty electric drill and a 1/4 inch bit I drilled the holes at an angle.

PegHoleThe hole in this pic has been cleared of wood shavings and it still I little sloppy and rough. I believe that is conducive to helping keep the peg in place once it it glued.

I did choose this board for it’s nice grain lines and knot holes so I do care about the aesthetic appeal. I will have to look at it everyday. Hats, caps and bags will be covering the peg area.

Drilling the holes and gluing the pegs took less than 40 minutes. There was no heavy lifting involved.

I will tell you it’s harder for a novice (me) to keep the drill in one spot than you might first assume.

Everything makes my arm muscles sore.

TackyGlueAleene’s tacky glue kicks ass. I bought this bottle in San Francisco a couple of years ago in a neighborhood heavily dotted with art galleries.


It was a little bodega but I guess they are always sending the interns out for a little glue or glitter or such.

BoardDryingThis is the finished peg board drying in my laundry room/workshop.

You can see the laundry basket I am using to hold about a hundred cassette tapes I’ve yet to fit into a  proper storage space.

It’s okay. I have a concrete organizational plan. I’m working on it. I only hope I can get everything together before I have to move on.

I will have more (better) photos of the board once it is installed on the kitchen wall. I have glued spongy foam pieces onto the end and will jam it between two walls to hold it firmly in place. Thereby, we avoid any damage to the heavy plaster and will  not incur the wrath of my very reasonable landlady.


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