Bugs in Congress

Photos of two bugs in congress spotted while watering the container garden early Tuesday:

BugsHoseThey were trying to have a little privacy. The camera’s presence disturbed them. They ran, one leading the way, the other following backwards like Ginger Rogers.

What began on the hose moved to a metal strip holding the hose.

BugFlippedIn their haste the following bug flipped over. It quickly righted itself.

Being pulled by one’s connected parts sounds like a drag.

The patterns on the backs of these insects is very nice — stylish red-orange, gray, black and white.

They look great on the slightly rusted metal.

BugsCrackThe lead bug slowed down at various points while  scurring away from the invading camera. Those pauses allowed for a few snapshots that were in focus.

Finally the pair ducked into this crack to finish their buggy exchange in peace.


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