Tasty Treats: Eno and Liza with a Z

The wait was on. Checking the mailbox was tinged with impatience and a little angst by Friday. Saturday jackpot!

The Brian Eno biography arrived! On Some Faraway Beach: The Life and Times of Brian Eno by David Sheppard, frequent contributor to Mojo, is here.

EnoBookMojo sez: An extraordinary tale of how rock’s most infamous non-musician became pop’s most articulate spokesman and in-demand producer. . . .  David Sheppard’s near magisterial biography, written with Eno’s co-operation though largely unsanitized, meticulously unpicks the thinking that motivates a genuine modern music original . . . .

As Sheppard makes clear in this superblyresearched and written book, eno earned his right to popular music sainthood three decades ago.


My fave blurb: An honorable authorized attempt to do justice to a mind bogglingly restless and prolific subject . . . . With his uninhibitied fondness for sex and intriguing cultural hypotheses, Eno comes across in On Some Faraway Beach as an archetypal man of the 70s.


Speaking of the 70s, Frank and I watched Liza with a Z last night. The primo entertainment jewel, from 1972, was just the thing for a Saturday night. That girl could really strut her stuff. I love her best braless  in the shining red mini-dress (Halston) and red platform heels.

Ahh, Bob Fosse, Ahh, tall mustachioed gay dancers.Ahh, funk and the aesthetic of  blaxploitation.

Liza’s audience looked so old and old school New York but her stage presence and her cultural politics were all very edgy and adorable.

Liza, beautiful Pisces, is now 63.  She killed at the Tony’s. Good show Liza May. She still wears outrageously oversized false eyelashes better than anyone!


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