Mid-June Bargains

We, in far northern California, are getting a break this June. Fair weather, very mild in comparison to previous years. In the first two weeks of the month we had heavy rain in the very best way. One week it was sunny and mild during the day and then the thunder storms rolled in at night and dropped sheets of rain.

The plants in my container garden loved it. Each time it happened I uttered a little prayer that there would be no hail.

TomatoCLaEverybody and every plant loved the rain. The tomatoes got fat and red.

IMG_7975The tarragon flowered.

I don’t use much tarragon in my cooking so I just let these blossoms come.

This plant came back from last year’s garden as did the cilantro.

This year when the weather gets really cold I’ll just cut them back and cover them with plastic.

The garden is growing and life is good.

On those sunny days I went out to do errands and came back with a few finds.

The best one, in a number of ways, was the three cassette recording of Emancipation by the artist, then, formerly known as Prince. It was in a wire bin at the $1 store. Dude (read with a sort of sad, quiet effect), that sucks.

PrinceTapeAI’m not the world’s biggest Prince fan and I didn’t read up on Emancipation in it’s day. Yes, I heard all the hubbub about Prince’s disagreements with his record company and whispers about his marriage, wife, baby.

He was never my favorite musician, or even close, but he is a good musician.

I’ll stick this in the old cassette player and check it out while I sew chimp bellies today. Man, is it hard to get those bellies on straight. Maybe Prince music will help.

Another great bargain that you can find anytime are the chocolate cat-style animal crackers at Trader Joe’s. They are well under $3 for a big container.

CatCookieContThese have been nearly depleted. Granny loves them.

I noticed that they labeled them with the phrase for people so that shoppers didn’t avoid them thinking they were cat treats.

I have done the same thing with my squids at DarcyArts.

I have catnip squids and plushy squids for people.

This is a giant pink catnip squid.

This is a big black squid for people, meaning it has no catnip and is meant to be a toy or perhaps, part of one’s home decor.

The little red squid is for people, too. He could be your friend. You could put him in your shiny new beige VW Bug. He’d look good.


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