The spiders are really popping fresh in the container garden this year. they have their territory staked out.


The landlady has a bug man come and spray the poor dears that set up shop near the house. Maybe they got hip and just opted for the garden instead after the last spraying.

In this photo, if you put on your magnifying glasses, you can see a trio of beige spiders hanging out.

SpiderBusyThe spider against the sky is busy wrapping something or someone spider-style.

It’s getting a little difficult to water without disturbing one of the spider people.

I tread gently. I imagine they are feasting of bugs that would be feasting onthe vegetation, a natural and beneficial hierarchy.

BigSpiderSkyAI caught another big spider against the early morning sky. This guy didn’t dig the intrusion of my camera. He fled when I got too close.

SpiderBestVertWhen the sunlight made it over the tall bank of oleanders the squirrels checked the lawn for peanut remnants.

Frank tosses the unsalted peanuts on the grass beneath the huge pine tree. Blue jays and squirrels bark at each other while trying to get their fill.

SpiderBestAExtreme hot weather will be on us soon. The summer can’t wait while I dream of ocean breezes.


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