Vintage Earrings

Sometimes you find a cache of really primo vintage and when you do you just have to share.

All of these wonderful 50s creations are available at  DarcyArts.

These white beaded earrings are dazzling.

I wonder if these were considered really dressy and fit for the night life or if a lady might have worn them to church.

Guess it depends on the church.

I bet ladies would have worn white gloves with them.

The canary yellow earrings have that great fat rhinestone that shines in rainbow colors. I love the little flower-shaped details made of the tiny yellow beads and the gold-tone metal.

Each pair of earrings have been well cared for probably spent  a lot of down time in a nice jewelry box, away from sunlight and dust. They are in great shape. I have to admire their construction, too. Very securely wound and affixed to the metal frame.

If they weren’t all so pretty I’d take a pair apart to see exactly how the maker put them together.

Maybe I’ll find another pair out there somewhere  that have seen better days and then I’ll deconstruct them, or “unpack” them, as an Art History professor used to say.

The cherry-colored earrings are made of some type of thick soft pliable plastic. They are my favorites right now.

I love the cut out leaves.


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