Chimp 6, 7, 8

I was very good this week. Got three chimp bodies and heads united.

chimps678 003I really enjoy doing the details on the face. It’s relaxing and always fun to see how each stitch changes that particular face ever so slightly.

My goal was to have these three finished by Monday but a fabulous interruption may occur today. Daughter Jessica is traveling north from San Francisco. YEA!

JessnDavidThis is a dreamy photo of her on the streets of SF. I believe this shot has captured her at the gate to her house in the Excelsior neighborhood.

She was reading the new David Crosby biography. She finds all kinds of goodies in the shops.

We may go thrift shopping today!

She’s especially good at hooking up with cool furniture.

Check out the living area of her abode.

One of Jessica’s  finds was especially haunting. A painting, done in 1971, of a woman that looks amazingly like an old friend of mine.

SFBobbyPaintingABobby was someone I came to know, by strange circumstance,  in my 16th year.    She was a shining light, despite her attraction to substances, an adventurer, a Sagittarius, a philosopher and seeker.

Even though others have told Jessica the painting looks like someone they know. This is Bobby in every way.

Jessica gifted me with this smashing supa 70s creation.

Remember those stretchy zig zag design shirts? In the painting, you can see a bit of it’s collar in pink and maroon. The earring is perfect, too.

It appears to be a drawing that the artist affixed to a piece of wood (it’s nice and light). He then painted the piece and covered it with a lacquer or Mod Podge-type substance. I think he might have burned the edges first with one of the wood/ gourd roasting devices.

Memories. Kisses dear ones, where ever you are.

I made a lovely pink girly squid yesterday for  groovy Etsy shopper,  pinktoyballoon, in Albany, New York.

I should have taken a picture of her. She was a bit different than the squidopus shown here. I used brighter pink thread visible on the outer stitching and gave her heart eyes like my mini catnip squid.

Now, off to do a little work on the chimps until Jess arrives.


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