Glitter vs Dork Glasses

Glitter glue is a great medium for jazzing up glasses. I mean the ones with lenses that you have to wear to see.

It’s unavoidable. Style burnout happens. I see the same old pair of specks  in the mirror everyday and finally I must take action. I wanted to paint the frames white but a tenuous try out yielded sloppy results. I wiped the section of the frames  I’d painted clean and put my desire for change on hold.

These were expensive frames. They’d looked so sophisticated under the dazzling bright lights in the optical shop. I’d even liked the yellow beige color. I cannot wear yellow. What was I thinking?

These glasses previously hosted pinkish iridescent rhinestones. We’ve left  that look behind.  Rhinestones always have the taint of 50s, 60s quaint.

The new look is glam, bam. thank you mam.


That’s what I get from reading the Eno biography. Early Roxy Music on the brain waves.

GlitterGlassesStripGosh, my skin looks so pink in this shot.

I think I really have to get another light bulb in the lamp I use for photos.

I have been craving the clunky black dork glasses that used to be allotted to Medi-Cal recipients. Do you think Buddy Holly wore those glasses because he thought they were really cool?

Like everything else they slipped into fashion a while back. So dorky they were cool, you know.

These are uptown remakes.

The basic black frame rendered designer style.

Linda Farrow Vintage for Luella.

175 pounds, British, is cost for these babies!!

I’ve tried similar glasses on in an office or two and it is a rather intense look.

Rachel Maddow pulls it off. I think.

This isn’t the best picture of Rachel. It is her standard Black cowboyish shirt, jeans dork glasses look. I often wish she could do her show and still be allowed to dress like she normally does AND NOT WEAR MAKEUP.


I guess the talking heads stylie playbook is written in stone. Must have makeup or you’ll look sick. Must not wear glasses, they glare in the lights. Must slick messy hair back.


I’ve had black frames but smaller, sort of like Margaret Carson.


Gold VS Black. I just need a different pair for each day of the week. Dang, Gemini Rising.



2 Responses to “Glitter vs Dork Glasses”

  1. IRA can do it. then again, he can do ANYTHING

  2. True enough. I think in IG’s case the glasses help enormously.

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