Lettuce Alone

LettuceBlossomsThe bitter red lettuce is blossoming. It’s tight, scaly green and purple red pre-blossom buds look like something you might find in the desert.

I love the scrubby little yellow flowers. They may be chartreuse.

LettuceCLIt’s a strange looking plant but nevertheless, effective.

I’ll collect the seeds and plant lettuce in the fall.

Sounds logical.

The tomatoes are ripening. We’ve had five so far.

They are the cheeriest red.

Here are three on the kitchen window ledge.


I bought what I thought was cilantro at Grocery Outlet. It’s parsley. Boo. I have room for more cilantro. Must have some.

I really should have snipped back the buds on the one cilantro plant that came back from last year.

It’s so hard to nip it in the bud.

MushroomWe had some mushroom spring up in the container with a heavy fertilized soil. Must have been cow manure.

Pretty, pretty. The heads are so soft.


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