Up for Quiet

Sometimes the urge to get and greet the dawn is irresistible. It’s more so in hot weather. It’s dark, cool and quiet.

Things seem to occupy that inbetween realm when the light is low. I like that place. Dusk is good, too.

6.28.09Early 006I enjoy the gentle light in my workspace at 5:30 a.m.

I can wake up slowly. I’ll probably need a nap later. Maybe I’ll even take a lazy day though I am so loathe to lose time.

6.28.09Early 001This impatience with the dwindling days (age) allotted to me was ratcheted ever tighter after watching the Farrah Fawcett cancer docu that was replayed this weekend. It  followed the super heaping helping of celebrity deaths.

Sky Saxon, Farrah Fawcett, Ed MacMahon and Michael Jackson were not personal acquaintances but I, like many others, measure out my time, in part, accompanied by their splash upon  life’s big screen. Celebrities can be external markers of our place on the time scale.

They were young when we were young. We move along in time and see them go through changes, fall, fail or prosper and succeed. Their foibles and bumps in the road call attention to our own.

When their journey stops we feel the inevitability of our own cessation.

Frank and I  lost a trio of dear ones in 2004. I think that was the year. I can’t keep a firm grip on dates.

It was harsh. The death of my Volkswagon van was sandwiched inbetween two incidents that took young, healthy friends over to the other side. Bless them and them, us.



Back in my groove I’m trying to beat the clock. It’s hard to stop myself. I love working.

I wasn’t really alone this morning as enjoyed the quiet.


The winner of our make-me-a-chimp-model contest kept me company.

This particular chimp looks really relaxed in a hat. When his eyebrows are revealed he looks a little , umm, concerned, a little bothered?

HipChimpBrowAThis Chimp project is very fulfilling. I am single-handedly creating a Chimp Army and the chimp train is really flowing. Dan Kurzius co-founder of Mail Chimp rocks and is the great conducter of that train.

The Chimp Army is not to be confused with the Kiss Army.

I  have recently gazed upon Ron English’s Kiss Pix maybe I’ll think about adding that to my ouvre for my own amusement.

While waiting for a grandchild to fill this little rocking chair, the hip chimp can sit a spell.


Lazy Days. That’s what I have now, in this new lifestyle, instead of that corporate thing know as “personal time”. All my time is personal time, motie. Lazy Days, though rare and difficult to really chill for, are my choice. I say when and how.


One Response to “Up for Quiet”

  1. skipmurphy Says:

    Just before dawn, Venus shown brightly in on me and awakened me at 4:30am, or so. An even more magical hour than 5:30 on a hot summer night/morning. I think the natural flow of this time of year is early mornings and afternoon siestas. You may have lost some friends, but you seem to have gained some chimps. It’s all good…

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