SausageManTreeI am thankful for each day’s fresh perceptions. They mingle with my ever growing catalog of concepts.

Still, for an impatient Aries, moving through time often feels like swimming through thick veggie stew. It’s a slow medium to navigate but warm and full of nutrients. I am absorbing good things.

Witness the Marie Antoinette meat tree. It caught my eye at breakfast last week.

I put it on a stick and photographed it. I mean, how could I not?

Big-eyed Lady Frog and little Godzilla are part of my living room decor. I like silly things.


If you like silly yet well rendered amusements check this out.

Artist Chet Phillips’ Etsy shop,  Chetart, is full of great prints.

Seeing as how I am neck deep in chimp mobilization this one is my favorite:

I am happy to say I finally purchased the Chimpmotized print this week.

Here is the Chetart alterna site.

Chetart has everything from the silly to the sublime.

There are so many really great images there. Go Look!


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