Craft Junk Sale

It’s nearly 8 a.m. and that means only two hours remain before the door open at the Discovery Shop. They are having a craft and sewing notions sale today and I will be there.

They will have lot’s of quilting things, yarns, sewing tools and craft supplies. I am not a quilter but I can always use thread. The Discovery Shop ladies bundle together lovely bags of thread. Rainbows of colored thread, often on old wooden spools, are my fave find.


Now that I have managed to sell a few vintage items on Etsy along with my handmade things, I can browse through thrift shops guilt free. I’m pretty good at finding the cute. Everybody loves owls, cute deer, kitties.

I have to be careful not to buy anything too heavy. I’m really bad at guessing shipping costs. I should really buy a scale. And then there is breakage to consider if the item is fragile.

Still, I only go thrift store shopping when I really need a break from the psychic and physical rigours of chimp contruction. When I need to stretch my vision and my legs. Or when Miss Jessica Pratt is in town.

MissJessFramedI got two of these elaborate looking frames at All Saints thirft store,  my favorite. This is a picture of Jessica in her high school era days. She was very into her 19th Century Poet drag. Go Rimbaud.

She’s always been an artist and seems to have inherited by thrift-store eye. She finds very good things.

I have one for Mr. B, too. He has asked me to create a laptop case for him. His old one is wearing out. He is sending me images of lawyers to use in the cover.

It will be a challenge to construct something sturdy and cool looking. I may use my first zipper. I may not. The design will dictate.

Brian possesses a judicial mind. He has Libra rising. The astrological sign, Libra, is represented by the scales of justice. In addition to a deep love for argumentation, debate and intellectual wrangling he is a born peacemaker and diplomat. He is brave. He is forthright in speech but always considers the feelings and sensibilities of those to and for whom he speaks. He loves politics and sense-making. His motivations to engage in matters of law come from a lofty place.

Mr.BFramedI know one day he will do good work for others.

Mothers, if you ever worry about your children spending too much time with the video games, fear not. Brian and his best friend Barrack spent endless hours on World of Warcraft and other games. What they learned was to work well with others and the importance of prioritizing time and resources.

They learned that not all participants are capable of bringing their “A” game. They learned patience and the art of negotiation.

They learned to read a situation, intuit a variety of possible outcomes in a given scenario and they excelled at these things.

I think that is a good thing.

2 Responses to “Craft Junk Sale”

  1. fullsun Says:

    It’s time for a real revolution! When the citizens rise up against the corruption and inside political dealings, then we will have FREEDOM again, the kind of freedom our forefathers had for a very brief period of time.

    Down with LIBERALS!!
    Down with CONSERVATIVES!!

    If you identify with one of these groups, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.


    Liberals seek to imprison your thoughts through such fascist tactics as Political Correctness and social blackmail.

    Conservatives seek to imprison your body through tactics like the ruthless perversion of our capitalist system and an over-abundance of laws that only the insiders know well enough to manipulate.

    Revolution is coming.
    Revolution is coming.
    Revolution is coming.

  2. I don’t know what the rant above is but it’s kinda cool. I say, be free of all prejudice, question authority, question your own motives and don’t get fooled by any dogma.
    About the above: don’t make sweeping generalizations. Identity politics can be a trap but it works from both sides as far as the creation of stereotypes.
    Love is the key, peeps.

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