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Finding the Thread

Posted in cute, etsy, projects, shopping with tags , , on July 10, 2009 by darcyarts

I made a huge haul at the Discovery Shop sale Thursday and Friday.

I was cautious Thursday morning buying only those things I know I will use and trying to buy a quantity that will not out live me.

I found thread. Lots of good thread. I LOVE color.

ThriftStoreThreadARed, yellow, orange, coral, pink, a few blue, purple and brown spools.

I stock my DarcyArts Etsy shop with Red Plush Squid, Lavender Squid, Pink Squid and Pink Whales.

I’ll use a lot of this thread on projects I already have going.

ThriftStoreThread 005ThriftStoreThread 004Though I love the wooden spools I didn’t buy many this time because those I bought at the last craft sale were prone to a bit of deterioration.

I want the thread in my seams to be sturdy.

I’ve been doing equal amount of machine stitching and hand sewn detail. I like to have a machine stitch on the body of my critters so they stay tight. The little adornments, eyes, flowers, feet, hands, if the creature has them, I like to do by hand to put extra care and quirk into each thing.

I’ve listed my little pink whales once again. One whale is adorned with a flower, the other whale sports a little Victorian hat.

Adding unique little details to the whales is important. I’m still perfecting them.

At the craft and sewing sale, I was also on the hunt for thick, soft fleece with lots of texture.I am really looking forward to creating a line of hats for the fall winter season.

The list of future DarcyArts projects is growing ever longer. I’ll be done with the Chimp Army by the end of August.


I’ve resisted starting my new projects but after the chimps I’ll dive right in to creating a strong inventory¬† of goodies at DarcyArts for the holiday season.