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Mini Critters

Posted in cute, projects, shopping with tags , , on July 13, 2009 by darcyarts

Like I’ve said elsewhere, I can’t resist the cute. Check out these little guys from that craft and sewing sale I hit at the Discovery Shop.



Cutest puppy ever.

Totally irresistable.

To give you some idea of size the puppy is perched atop a large spool, as in thread.

Look at those ears.

These guys were in a little bag of miscellaneous things. I could not leave them behind. My dream dog is a Newfoundland but beagles are number two on my list.

BittyKittyHere’s a little bitty kitty on the same spool. I t looks like her tail got bobbed.

Too sweet.

The other kitty is relaxing.

Kitty1I’ve been making hats all morning. Need to get back on the chimp line.