Cap and Yarn

It’s cap mania here at DarcyArts.

After finishing the last three chimps in the first set of 10 I’m using my early morning hours to work on caps.

I confess I’ve had a hat jones for years. While working it out my efforts were split between pretty good and really bad.

Making the chimp mail caps is good practice.

Chimps8.9.10Thank you, Mail Chimp folks!

Here are the two styles I’m rocking right now. I think the red cap is a sort of Greek fisherman’s cap and the other is of middle eastern influence.

RedwPurpStarHatsThe lilac stars and yarn on the white cap look great.They were put on very carefully with little stitches. The yarn is a rainbow in cool colors so I had to change thread and needle for each section of color.

I’ll take proper photos when I get my head.

I’m on the hunt for a head form. I should probably make my own in my papier mache but I  must proceed with caution. An all new, papier mache project tempts me. I must resist it’s siren call until the time is right.

Discipline must be applied to avoid having too many projects  going on at once. The carousel spins, I move from horse to horse, trying to out run burnout and boredom. Gemini Rising.

Don’t change horses . . . That’s the  goal for the rest of the year. To finish one long project before I start another.

Update: I think I’ve already cheated. Chimps and Caps are overlapping. Rumor has it I have 10 more chimps to go.


But I love the caps! They are so soft and warm and cute. I am hoping to swaddle hipster heads in them this fall. They will be available in the DarcyArts shop in September.

Ideas for decoration are brimming in my imagination. My notebook is stuffed full of drawings, notes, directions.

Look upon the mountain of yarn I bought at the last Discovery Shop craft goods sale.

YarnPileBI went for the warm colors.

This yarn is for decorating my plushy caps. Crocheting is not my thing. I can’t sit still that long.

I’d like to build images with this stuff. I have projects in mind.

FuzzyStringI bought this bag of punch embroidery thread, too. It’s nice and fuzzy.

It is fragile though, not good for holding things together.

Jessica bought a bag of this stuff a few years back.

Here are more colors all watched over by Bryan and Brian. Dig the tiny pink cadillac.



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