Kitchen Day

I dreamed a variety of cap styles Sunday and Monday when the Moon was in Pisces, sweet watery creative energy. I pushed through chores and construction while the moon was in Aries, Tuesday, Wednesday.

RedCapI let myself go and actually managed to create some good models.

I used scraps from an old blouse for the band on the red cap and part of a scarf for the white bill-less cap.

OmCapI have so many ideas for caps and so much material to use.

Thursday the moon slipped into Taurus. I told myself it was okay to let it ride. Concentrate on the senses, be a little lazy and indulgent.

ChocPbutterI baked a couple dozen fat chocolate peanut butter cookies. Went to the store later and bought pre-made salads, macaroni, potato, 4-bean, so I could take it easy the rest of the week. I bought magazines and read them. I have a belly full of cookies, cherries and tea.

I brought home some beets. How shall I cook them?

CookiesKitchen 003Next up is moon in Gemini. Communication.

I’ll keep on riding the cycles.

I’ll spread the ideas over time and construct head gear and critters in the coming weeks.

Chimp faces, chimp bellies, rainbow cap, fuzzy pink wool cap, pleather cap, chimp arms, chimp legs, chimp feet.

Then I’ll make a huge papier mache buddha, maybe paint it red, string  a mandala of tiny, shiny golden lights around the head. I give thanks for the double rainbow, for imagination and creativity and for the chance, the seed of possibility, nestled in the heart of things.


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