Night Out

It’s been a while since Frank and I snuck away and took a few hours for ourselves.

Monday we really just up and went to see the new Harry Potter film at the truly delightful Prime 11 cinemas in Anderson.

They have great popcorn, friendly help, clean rooms, great decor, comfortable seat and good movies. A+++

NightOut 002I love the tinted cement floors. I love feeling that I am at a real cinema operated by fellow movie lovers.

I try to avoid the chain theaters in town. You know who you are.

They are dirty, uncomfortable and have shitty, mindless films. That corporation promotes homophobia and prejudice, too.

Please take your hard earned film-seeing bucks to Prime 11 whenever possible.

The Harry Potter movie was cool. Snape looked so very hot. He really knows how to use that sexy voice. Hearing it even makes me forget his kind of crummy bottom teeth.

Ron Weasley has grown up to be quite an impressive young lad.

Hubba Hubba.

Is Draco Malfoy self-doubting and suicidal? I haven’t yet read the books. He seems depressed like one of those self-hating vampires.

After the theater we stopped by mega Wal-Mart to buy a few things. I encountered two visual delights:

BertErnieYou can ride in a firetruck with Bert and Ernie. I recently heard someone catagorize B & E as frienemies. Bullshit.

Guess you know by now if you’ve been reading this blog that I love the warm colors.

These roses caught my eye.

OrangeRosesAThe rest of the interior at Mega WalMart was pretty surreal in a really hideous corporate nightmarish way.

We scooted home then and to bed.

Good night out.


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