YellowHair 004I’d had enough of the post Vampire Red fade to yellow and decided to get back with my old used to be.


I pulled the box-with-the-fox red off the shelf at the natural foods store. Picked up some wheat grass,  a Guru drink, some sprouts and resisted the temptation of a crumbly scone.

At home I poured the green herbish powder into a glass bowl, added water, strirred it up with a chop stick and stuck it in the microslave.

Reheat 2. The soup setting. Let cool.

Cover the yellow hair in warm mud. Apply hair dryer to plastic wrapped head. Sew a few chimp hands. Remove bag and rinse.

CopperHeadMEAh, better. This was an early morning shot.  I’m groggy and I look it but I feel so special with my unrealistic copper tresses.

The bangs are the result of a new hair cutting technique. I combed the hair on the crown forward and did a Prince Valiant thing. It will look better when it grows out.


I worked up my silk screen prints of Iggy. He looks good.


I like both the very dark one and the image with some white in it.

This image may need a white frame or gold.

I could see silver, too. I will have to experiment with materials other than fleece.

I have been thinking that I could just sew it straight onto the hat with interesting thread. They have metallics at JoAnn’s. I have a coupon. Don’t try to stop me.

Next up, a silkscreen of this image:

BolanTopHat♥Marc Bolan in his top hat will make a lovely adornment for a topper.


I could never understand
The wind at all
Was like a ball of love
I could never never see
The cosmic sea
Was like a bumblebee
And when I’m sad
I slide

I have never never kissed
A car before It’s like a door
I have always always
Grown my own before
All schools are strange
And when I’m sad
I slide

I have never never
Nailed a nose before
That’s how the garden grows
I could never understand
The wind at all
Was like a ball of love
And when I’m sad
I slide

Watch now I’m gonna slide


2 Responses to “Copperhead”

  1. I also love Henna, I callit Bitch Red! But it will not cover my awful grey now! Poo! I had it done at the School and scared the Hll outta the poor kid trying to convince him to go “MORE RED”! HAHAHAHA! 🙂

  2. Dear Clitav,
    Glad to meet you! I took a quick look at your blog and I will visit more often.
    Very Interesting.
    My hair, before the manic panic was totally grey white on the top and sides. I think the coating of faded Manic Panic helped create some base color.
    I’d given up the henna because i got lazy and wanted to see what my gray looked like.
    I love the Bitch Red tag.

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