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Night Out

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It’s been a while since Frank and I snuck away and took a few hours for ourselves.

Monday we really just up and went to see the new Harry Potter film at the truly delightful Prime 11 cinemas in Anderson.

They have great popcorn, friendly help, clean rooms, great decor, comfortable seat and good movies. A+++

NightOut 002I love the tinted cement floors. I love feeling that I am at a real cinema operated by fellow movie lovers.

I try to avoid the chain theaters in town. You know who you are.

They are dirty, uncomfortable and have shitty, mindless films. That corporation promotes homophobia and prejudice, too.

Please take your hard earned film-seeing bucks to Prime 11 whenever possible.

The Harry Potter movie was cool. Snape looked so very hot. He really knows how to use that sexy voice. Hearing it even makes me forget his kind of crummy bottom teeth.

Ron Weasley has grown up to be quite an impressive young lad.

Hubba Hubba.

Is Draco Malfoy self-doubting and suicidal? I haven’t yet read the books. He seems depressed like one of those self-hating vampires.

After the theater we stopped by mega Wal-Mart to buy a few things. I encountered two visual delights:

BertErnieYou can ride in a firetruck with Bert and Ernie. I recently heard someone catagorize B & E as frienemies. Bullshit.

Guess you know by now if you’ve been reading this blog that I love the warm colors.

These roses caught my eye.

OrangeRosesAThe rest of the interior at Mega WalMart was pretty surreal in a really hideous corporate nightmarish way.

We scooted home then and to bed.

Good night out.


Beautiful Women

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Flash from the past. Someone offers a long forgotten photo. It looks so good and you begin to remember things.  Dusty synapses get cleaned.

This is a fabulous picture that came back to light in recent days. Patti Ramelli and Susan Miller at Cafe Flore, Market Street, San Francisco circa 1975 (?).

PattiSusanBigHow did Patti not become a super model? Work that camera, girl.

It’s good to see the streaks we made as our rockets flashed though this life.

I’ve probably said this before, but I feel the people I met in San Francisco back in the day were an exceptional group of souls.

Is that just the way your feel when you are young and and in the peak of your social period?

It felt really rare and perfectly exciting. People drawn to the city may have their own complementary POVs.

Thank god for the photographers that were there to document the fire.



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I found some rainbow fleece and have been super charged about making caps with it.


I think the universe was in approval. Synchronicity lit up the day yesterday. The best cosmic echo was seeing a double rainbow above a Cambodian monastery while watching a Discovery Channel Sunrise in HD. Rad and inspiring.

I’m making a rainbow cap with a bill next.

I could Manic Panic my hair purple, pink or orange to match a portion of the rainbow caps. Pigtails, I think would look good with this style cap.

Summer time is simmer time. Love, Love, Love. ♥

Kitchen Day

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I dreamed a variety of cap styles Sunday and Monday when the Moon was in Pisces, sweet watery creative energy. I pushed through chores and construction while the moon was in Aries, Tuesday, Wednesday.

RedCapI let myself go and actually managed to create some good models.

I used scraps from an old blouse for the band on the red cap and part of a scarf for the white bill-less cap.

OmCapI have so many ideas for caps and so much material to use.

Thursday the moon slipped into Taurus. I told myself it was okay to let it ride. Concentrate on the senses, be a little lazy and indulgent.

ChocPbutterI baked a couple dozen fat chocolate peanut butter cookies. Went to the store later and bought pre-made salads, macaroni, potato, 4-bean, so I could take it easy the rest of the week. I bought magazines and read them. I have a belly full of cookies, cherries and tea.

I brought home some beets. How shall I cook them?

CookiesKitchen 003Next up is moon in Gemini. Communication.

I’ll keep on riding the cycles.

I’ll spread the ideas over time and construct head gear and critters in the coming weeks.

Chimp faces, chimp bellies, rainbow cap, fuzzy pink wool cap, pleather cap, chimp arms, chimp legs, chimp feet.

Then I’ll make a huge papier mache buddha, maybe paint it red, string  a mandala of tiny, shiny golden lights around the head. I give thanks for the double rainbow, for imagination and creativity and for the chance, the seed of possibility, nestled in the heart of things.

Cap and Yarn

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It’s cap mania here at DarcyArts.

After finishing the last three chimps in the first set of 10 I’m using my early morning hours to work on caps.

I confess I’ve had a hat jones for years. While working it out my efforts were split between pretty good and really bad.

Making the chimp mail caps is good practice.

Chimps8.9.10Thank you, Mail Chimp folks!

Here are the two styles I’m rocking right now. I think the red cap is a sort of Greek fisherman’s cap and the other is of middle eastern influence.

RedwPurpStarHatsThe lilac stars and yarn on the white cap look great.They were put on very carefully with little stitches. The yarn is a rainbow in cool colors so I had to change thread and needle for each section of color.

I’ll take proper photos when I get my head.

I’m on the hunt for a head form. I should probably make my own in my papier mache but I  must proceed with caution. An all new, papier mache project tempts me. I must resist it’s siren call until the time is right.

Discipline must be applied to avoid having too many projects  going on at once. The carousel spins, I move from horse to horse, trying to out run burnout and boredom. Gemini Rising.

Don’t change horses . . . That’s the  goal for the rest of the year. To finish one long project before I start another.

Update: I think I’ve already cheated. Chimps and Caps are overlapping. Rumor has it I have 10 more chimps to go.


But I love the caps! They are so soft and warm and cute. I am hoping to swaddle hipster heads in them this fall. They will be available in the DarcyArts shop in September.

Ideas for decoration are brimming in my imagination. My notebook is stuffed full of drawings, notes, directions.

Look upon the mountain of yarn I bought at the last Discovery Shop craft goods sale.

YarnPileBI went for the warm colors.

This yarn is for decorating my plushy caps. Crocheting is not my thing. I can’t sit still that long.

I’d like to build images with this stuff. I have projects in mind.

FuzzyStringI bought this bag of punch embroidery thread, too. It’s nice and fuzzy.

It is fragile though, not good for holding things together.

Jessica bought a bag of this stuff a few years back.

Here are more colors all watched over by Bryan and Brian. Dig the tiny pink cadillac.


Mini Critters

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Like I’ve said elsewhere, I can’t resist the cute. Check out these little guys from that craft and sewing sale I hit at the Discovery Shop.



Cutest puppy ever.

Totally irresistable.

To give you some idea of size the puppy is perched atop a large spool, as in thread.

Look at those ears.

These guys were in a little bag of miscellaneous things. I could not leave them behind. My dream dog is a Newfoundland but beagles are number two on my list.

BittyKittyHere’s a little bitty kitty on the same spool. I t looks like her tail got bobbed.

Too sweet.

The other kitty is relaxing.

Kitty1I’ve been making hats all morning. Need to get back on the chimp line.

San Francisco Voices

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Things were a little off early last week. Couldn’t put my finger on just what was missing from my already full days.

I’m an early riser. It takes me a while to come out of that floating space that follows dreaming. The I can prioritize the days endeavors.

I realized yesterday that I had slacked on  reading of my two fave SF voices, Chuck B.’s My Back 40 (feet) and J’s Peaches and Plums.

Sure, I’d been busy but some things are an absolute necessity.

For sharing an enormous amount of the beauty and sparkle of San Francisco there is no comparison to the diligent documenting of the dear chuck b.♥

Every post, every photo, every inch of text of My Back 40  (feet) is superb. Though I am am prone to exaggeration, in this case, I need not.

I love this blog with all my heart. It allows me to see the city close up, through the eyes of an artistic soul. Chuck b. shows the sweet life, the architectural and vegetal genius of the place. His  immediate surroundings are  gorgeous but he travels to all corners. I am deeply grateful.

Peaches and Plums is the work of a former workmate. She must be shy or just cautious. She doesn’t throw her name around much so we’ll just call her j.

She is my favorite writer. She radiates presence. She’s whip smart, observant, aware and with these gifts is able to create a fascinating intimacy. She pulls you in and you want to learn more.

Here, too, you can read through the whole archive of her work. It’s all rich and satisfying like the best warm chocolate you’ve ever eaten. Sometimes there are chilies in the chocolate and I really appreciate that spicy taste.

J is a force, a vital energy here on our planet. As she grows, the word flow will only get better. Considering how fine it is now, I say look out!


My toil this weekend has been good. With the moon washing through Pisces I began my millinary exercise. I tossed off a cloche type hat and a cap with a little bill, both in moss green. I’m crazy about a soft pink and moss green combo.

MossGreenClocheI’ve got my first two up on the peg board in my kitchen nook work space.

This is the back of the cloche. I made a soft pink little flower to adorn the streamers. I may try this design with one on each side, over the ears.

MossGreenFrontHere is the front. You can see a little of the pink cotton thermal material I left visible beneath the band.

I wanted to line the hat with a material that, unlike the fleece, would not produce static electricity every time you put in on and take it off.

I love fleece for it’s warmth and softness. It’s easy to work with but static electricity sucks.MossGreenCap


I have gathered materials for hats galore. Though I have other projects high on my list, things I have been planning and for which I  have been collecting materials, hats are number one.

Here is the cap. I’ve made the band of material from a really cool T shirt that I love. It was not attractive on so I made sleeping shorts out of it. I’ve used the remaining scraps of that T shirt for this band.

It looks great with this green.

I am truly stoked about this new endeavor. Hats rule.

Coco Channel started out making hats. I have so much intriguing research to do.