The DarcyArts shop over at Etsy had a wild weekend. I have been stitching stuffed critters like a madwoman for days.

I like to get order out as quickly as possible and do if it keeps me up late into the night.

MonkeyFull3.5Frank is returning to school in a few weeks, I am trying to keep up with chimp production and make the sweetest warm hats for the late August premiere of my millinery effort.

RedwPurpStarHatsThe convergence of all these elements this late summer is really exciting. At the same time, I can clearly see the path before me and there is little room for wandering.

Gotta keep my feet on the path. It’s going to be a busy fall and winter.

The Sun will be drifting into Virgo about the time I add the head gear to my shop. The astrological sign Virgo allows me to have a more precise hand at my task and a little extra energy and focus on projects.

By Halloween, Saturn, which has also been in Virgo, will enter Libra. Libra rules my fifth house of creativity. Saturn is the stern task master that insists you develop skills and get serious about your accomplishments, apprenticeships (is that a word?).

I will greatly appreciate the help. It will be the second Saturn Return for Frank and me. Should be interesting. We are in a good place.

This is an article about the first Saturn Return. One has it about the age of 30 but you can see it’s effect with all those creative people who failed to negotiate that territory about the age of 27.

This article deals with the second Saturn return.

Alright, back to work.


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