Weekend Makes

I couldn’t help myself. When a monkey is coming into being it has it’s own ideas abouthow it will look.

SoftMonkeyFullThis guy demanded to show a little tongue. He needed it, I think, to balance out his wild, eager eyes.

He’s off to Indiana to be a birthday surprise for a little tyke.

I made a tiny birthday card to accompany him. He’s wearing my DarcyArts tag. Some have hearts. Some have stars.

SoftMonkeyTagI was so happy to have him finished. I hope he makes it to the midwest in time for the monkey themed party.

The cost for shipping him priority mail would have been $31. I had to go parcel post. It may take a week.

I pray the recipients made the purchase in plenty of time.

SoftMonkeySideUnlike the now standard DarcyArts Chimps for Mail Chimp this guy is made of super soft stretchy fleece. Good for young’ens.

I had a lot of plush critter making to do this weekend.

I made a pink and black girly squid, an Albi-like dragon and a heavyduty catnip squid.

HeavyDutySquid1The heavy duty squid was designed for a woman whose cats could really put the hurt on a cat toy. I made the first one last year I think and have featured in the store ever since.

It measure about twenty inches in length.

The red lining on the tentacles were the idea of the woman  for whom I  made the first custom squid.

Good idea!

This is the second order of the heavy duty squid for Etsian FabFurs! I love return customers!

HeavyDutySquidEYesBlurMy photo lamps need some adjusting. Between the red backdrop, the slighty shiny black material and the white of the eyes my camera was tripping.

HeavyDutySquidMedSideI need to take the digital camera class at Shasta College sometime or read up how-tos on the ‘puter.

I’ve still got a dragon, a rocket, 10 chimps and lots of groovy hats to hatch.

It is such a wonderful feeling to have work to do.

I’m going to burrow in the DarcyArts studio for the next two weeks and work my tail off.

Bar the door, Giuseppe.

MarcBolanWindowHere’s a nice late evening window shot.


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