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Iggy Hat and Dumbledore

Posted in constructions, etsy with tags , , , , on August 11, 2009 by darcyarts

I got the printed silkscreen print of Iggy on to a cap.

IggyCLLooks good. These caps are so soft and warm. If you are in need of head gear for the fall/winter try one.

All the things I’ve been working on will be in the DarcyArts shop on Etsy this Saturday morning!

I’ve been working my buns off and I’m thrilled with the things I’ve created. Lots of ideas for new hats and caps are brimming in my head.

Okay, I just had a major shock.

I googled Darcyarts on etsy and the first listing was for an Etsy shop named Darcyart. She started her shop four days after I started mine in January 2008. Is this good or bad?

I’ll think about the positive aspects.

She’s in Connecticut, a graphic designer. I think I like her. She’s a Pisces and looks really cute in her avatar pic.

Back to the hats.

I’ve got nearly half theĀ  hats and caps listed but in suspended animation over at Etsy. I’ll chip away at creating my listings on breaks from Chimp cWhiteStarFullonstruction.

I placed careful stitches in this white cap to anchor the rainbow yarn onto the body over the stars.

I want to try more elaborate yarn decor in the future, drawing on the Mexican, Mayan, Huichol Art that inspires me.

Those designs will be more time consuming so I mayhave to put them off until next year. I’m thinking positive and imagining that I willbe really busy creating the caps set to hatch next week end.

This little medieval looking pleated cap is cute. I’ve done the original in denim but it would be nice in a softer material. Renaissance Faire peeps, hit me. I do custom orders.

HatsFall 086I like this olden cap thing. I spend much time in Harry Potter flicks hypnotized by Dumbledore’s caps! I just love the texture and color and the little sparkly elements!

I will make my versions as soon as I can get to it. Will anyone wear them?

That brings me to another topic.

I am finding myself a real would-be champion of hat wear. What can I do to convince people to take up the cap? Not just on the rare occassion but everyday that the weather permits.

I want people to love hats.

Dumbledore has quite a few versions of his wizardy skull cap.

Engineered by some sweet hands, all.

I loved this extravaganza, too. I think I love Luna.

her eyes are dreamy.