Good Fun Work

I’ve been busy working, but my work takes me out for supplies and trips to the post office and it’s been nice.

BandageHelloKitty1The  Hello Kitty bandage was stuck to the asphalt near were I parked my car on my last trip to the post office.

I had to snap a photo. I love these accidental images.

The last time I watered the strip of garden that runs along the northern fence water sprayed from a hole in hose onto this spider web.


Afterward, it looked like it was hung with diamonds.


I hope the spider didn’t mind. I think he hid out for a spell but he’s back this morning.

Chimps are still coming to life in the sewing work space. I grabbed a few more bags of super silky stuffing, finished sewing on heads, united them with their torsos. Today I’ll stitch the arms and legs into place, straighten a smile, set their caps.

Next week I’m expecting to create a plush rocket for a man in the Netherlands. Fun, fun, fun. I love custom work!

The long awaited hat roll out at DarcyArts. Etsy is just days away. Saturday morning they’ll be ripe for picking!

I spent the yesterday’s a.m. hours putting together two hats that came out well.

HandCakeboxFrontAI’ve been thinking about what I will call my hats of this shape.

I’ve decided to call them Cakebox Caps.

This is a design I have wanted to create for a while. I saw a cap,  worn by a musician in a Charles Mingus documentary, with a hand and arm wrapped around it.

This is my take on the open hand hat. I’ve stitched the elements onto the band/base of the cap.

handCakeboxSupaCLI really like this one. I can do endless riffs with this basic idea.

I found some material a few weeks back with these soft beige, pink, white and pale green mandala designs.

I’ve been waiting to make a cap from it.

SoftmandalaSide This beautiful trim was found in a thrift store not long ago. I love this cap, too.

SoftMandalaCLThe caps are made with a variety of band sizes. This mandala band is 3.5 inches in height, not counting the dome curve.

The open hand cakebox cap is five inches so it sits boldly on the head.

The bands of five inches will cover the ears and that makes the perfect for the chilly regions of the country.

GirlySkullFrontThe band on the Girly Pirate Skull cakebox cap is six and a half inches which makes it long enough to roll.

It’s a cool touch and makes the design more accomodating for a variety of heads.

I love being a milliner!!!! ♥♥♥


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